Loki@HM (or someone knowledgeable)

  • Pitcrew

    This may prove ultimately fruitless or impossible, but I was hoping someone might know if Loki@HM may possibly still have any of the wiki information for Haunted Memories. Only reason I ask is because I wrote something for one of my character wiki-pages that I'd love to try and recover for potential future use, but right now there's no way for me to retrieve that -- not through the Wayback Machine or anything that I can find. If someone has any knowledge about that, could you tag me and let me know? I'd appreciate it.

  • The Haunted Memories wiki is still up, unless you're referring to something else?

  • Pitcrew

    No, the wiki itself is what I was looking for. I just don't have the address any longer, and the last time I tried peeking at the base site, it acted as if it no longer existed... but I may have also mistyped the address. Could you pop me a link please, Sundown?

  • http://www.haunted-memories.net/wiki/Main_Page There you go. I recall it had an outage at one point, but it came back. I really appreciate it when the old wikis remain in place, it means something to be able to go through old character wikis.

  • Pitcrew

    Agreed. Thanks much, Sundown. You just made my day.


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