New Prospect/City of Hope Players.

  • Pitcrew

    So, with the sudden random shut down of the server two MUSHes were on, which I didn't play often but I kept in contact with people through let me put this here. If you want to contact me, PM me here, and I'll set up a way to chat and or maybe continue Storylines that were shut down by the sudden closing of the two Mushes. I welcome the contact!

    I have played over the years there: Gidget, Constance, Eris, Ambrosine, Urd, Buck, Yaya, Hehewuti/Niabi, Zillah, Kalisha.

    Please feel free to contact me even if we had snippy at each-other; I'll see if I can't find other names and people who are looking to contact others as well.

  • I was Mouse/Karl/Roxie. And am super sad now.

  • Pitcrew

    New Prospecters who want to stay new Prospect only can go to: [port 5555] - This is temporary a meeting place for folks waiting to see if we can get the game back up.

    Coh Folks or people willing to go to city of hope the new address is: [port 8888]

  • I was Rain the lady with the space van and briefly Muriel the Gurahl.

  • Cyn, Russ, Magda, Guivre, Rajani, Hugh... And others over the years. I play several other places so if you are looking for a new location to rp feel free to PM me.

  • What brought the sudden shutdown on? Things seemed fine, I was getting into Technostuff...

  • Padraig/Maestro. Can be contacted at (Skype or email)

  • Hey there guys, HoneyBadger from City of Hope here. Just in case you're not finding the info you need, there is a refugee site for New Prospect. port 5555

    Ya'll are welcome back at CityofHope, too. port 8888. If anyone needs anything, I spent a good bit of time rounding up people when everything crashed. I made a facebook group <pretty lame> called City of Hope. I've also offered up my skype name hmevans6776. The staff of City of Hope will be happy to help however we're able.

  • @silentsophia

    Well, if you go to to you will find the following:

    Game's shut down.
    We're out of the MU community.
    Don't contact us.
    Instead, go play Ingress.
    -Sponge and Coyote

    And that's apparently it.

  • Ingress? That location-hunting thing you play on your phone?

    Bizarre kiss-off, that. Is there a story behind it, or is it just randomness?

  • Pitcrew

    Knowing them, more likely simple sloth.

    That said, CoH/New Prospect was a failed experiment. A game that is essentially not run by anybody will, in fact, not run itself. Gosh. Who knew?

  • Oh. That's a bummer. :( Sponge was pretty nice to me. I can see why the experiment failed, but I did love being able to play whatever without having to have an in.

  • Pitcrew

    This post is deleted!

  • Pitcrew

    I was Ashling on new prospect, the cop lady that got really busy. I finally got a chance to log back in and play to get hit with the screen. So, I'm glad to see we can all still get together here.


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