Armageddon MUSH

  • Coder

    Not to be confused with the MUD. Any of you played on Taisch's Armageddon MUSH? Biblical world ended, last city of Babylon is all that's left, with angels and demons fighting over the last unchosen souls?

  • I played on it very briefly but cannot remember my character and never played them for very long. I mostly remember that the person who summoned the angel character I made then immediately tried to bang him and was creepy enough about it that I quit after two weeks or so.

  • Pitcrew

    Played it, poked around for a little while and left. I do remember it though especially the angel and demon thing. It was an interesting concept and one of the games I was looking for when I came back to Mu*ing.

  • Coder

    I played on it.

  • Coder

    @Lithium Who were you?

    I was Belial as my main, had Rachael as a cherub angel, and Megiddo as my staff bit.

  • Coder

    I don't discuss who I was or was not on here.

    The one time I did (Arx) it did not turn out very well for me.

  • Coder

    I thought the whole point of A Shout in the Dark was connecting to people you lost connection to :P

    Let me rephrase the question. Does anyone who played there a) remember who they played, b) want to reminisce over who we did and what we did? :P


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