Bubasti's Playlist

  • Actual:

    Anezka, Lupe, QueueMonkey @ City of Hope (on a small hiatus)

    Kestrel @ Tenebrae

    History (in no particular order):

    Gaijin, Soundwave, Spartan, Adrienne, Lien, Ai, Sailor, Razor, Lazlow, Flux, Echo, Scire, Galaxy @ Shadowrun Denver

    Natalia @ Haunted Memories

    Alexis @ Esoterica

    Ariane @ Darkwater

    Trevor, Theodora @ Blood and Fog

    Bloodtide @ Dragonlance Age of Mortals

    Astrid @ City of Hope

    Esperanza @ Cimarron

    Annianka, Ingaborg, Svetlana @ Fading Suns (Vargo)

    Tadeesha @ Dark Between the Stars

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