JibberTheHut's Playlist

  • Pitcrew

    God, if I can remember.

    Long Ago:

    KushielMUX- Gabrielle, Noemie, Prisca
    String Theory- Abby, multiple NPC's, Brennan, Audrey, Minea, far too many.
    Kushiel's Debut- Claudine, Shelagh, Tristan, Gaetan, Sorcha (1.0), Yazmine (2.0), Iris, Melusina, probably more.
    Fallcoast - Priss
    S&S - Minea
    Arx - Duarte, Alarie


    Alarissa & Another

    Running - Elua's Precept

    Some of you liked me, some of you didn't. I had fun everywhere, I hope you did at least too.

  • I'll always highfive you for the relationship we had between Claudine and Alyssa. No hateage here!