Apocalycious' Playlist

  • Pitcrew

    There are probably a handful that I've forgotten about, but:

    Tales of the River Provence: Ivory Storm, Tough Cookie/Dreaming Sunrise, V'neef Kisana, Mnemon Caras Alaya, Cathak Min Li, Mizali, Joyous Axiom of Ruin, Shalrina (staff)

    Haunted Memories: Annikah, Sonja, Lumi, Yllka, Sianna, Josephine, Yelena, Ousia (Staff)

    St. Petersburg: Izabella, Yelena, Sofia

    NYC: Abigail, Jacqueline

    Reach: Abigail, Elsie, Babs, Yumi, Nineveh (Staff, before the game initially opened)

    Fallcoast: Safiyah, Hannah

    Reno: Tahmina

    Dark Spires: Ailbhe, Hana, Kanuka

    Darkwater: Lillian, Jan

    Blood and Citrus: Molly, the Liti-gator

    Firan: Karna (initial player), Srenni & Paulina (random player at some point in their history)

    Kingsdale: Aislinn

    Red Tide: Lin, Piper, Calowyn, Shalrina (staff)

    Shadowrun - Denver: Serafine

  • Yllka!!! <3

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