Urban fantasy games?

  • Pitcrew

    Wondering what's current, non-WoD, more on the Neverwhere/Don't Rest Your Head end of the spectrum.

  • Only one I know of, currently, is Dark Spires. That's Dresden Files urban fantasy set in London. Head Staff has some crazy anti-gun fixation though so it can neuter some concepts entirely. Basically every fighter is a bad ass puncher because weapons and guns are just not really available for the most part.

    Or so it seems.

  • Pitcrew

    Weapons are fairly common, but as it is Oxford England in the 21st century guns are fairly uncommon. Game is pretty good though.

  • @Usekh The game is very good, but they don't allow guns even when you have really good justification for /having/ them. My character can import guns without ever having to pass through customs but I wasn't allowed to bring any guns with me, not even revolvers. Which is fine, it is their game, but it is far more restrictive than even 21st century Oxford is.

    Not able to get Hunting Rifles for example which is kind of silly.

    So it can conflict with some concepts, was just warning in advance not attacking.

  • Pitcrew

    I come from a place with very similar gun laws, so don't find the idea odd at all. They have however recently loosened the gun rules IIRC, but haven't looked too carefully at them myself.

  • Pitcrew

    Hmm, that's interesting. Can't the underground/criminal element get a hold of guns still?

  • @ThugHeaven It's Oxford, there isn't really a criminal underground per se. Not as you might think exists in London, or any large American city.

    Since it is Dresden Files though the bend is more towards supernatural threats rather than street crime in what is essentially a college town.

  • Pitcrew

    @Lithium I get that, but London is like what a 2-2-1/2 hour drive? It wouldn't be impossible to take a drive to get a gun.

    I get the whole thing, shit I played on SR: London, it was hard to get guns on there. I'm just saying...not my game, not my rules, but still....airsoft with magick bullets at least?

  • @ThugHeaven There's lots of ways to get guns, realistically, but from what I've experienced its just not a thing there. Even with reason. Staffs decision.

  • Pitcrew

    @Lithium Gotcha. I love Dresden though, I might have to check that out.

  • @ThugHeaven Lots of friendly and welcoming people, most concepts are pretty open, and the staff will work with you to help you get something made that has a good chance of fitting in and such. Fair amount of plots and rp, just have to look for it and be available. Which can be an issue. I have a good time there, just don't have enough time to get very deeply involved due to RL unfortunately. I wish I could play more.

  • Complete inability to get guns does seem odd, I think Oxford has at least two gun shops right now IRL as an example - they only sell legal shotguns and hunting rifles (with very strict limits on what is legal, I think three shots maximum capacity?) but anyone without a criminal record has no trouble just joining a gun club if they want a licence. I just did a quick check and in Oxfordshire there is one legal gun for roughly every 24 people? Rarer than in the US but hardly impossible to get hold of.

    Running around carrying or firing guns without causing a massive freakout and police response would be another matter and pistols are flat out illegal outside of military or law enforcement, normally issued only to the equivalent of SWAT in the latter case.

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    You know what else isn't common in 21st Century Oxford?

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    @Thenomain We like to call ourselves sysadmins these days.

  • My game Flights 'n Tights has an urban fantasy grid that is one of the sub-grids.

    A game more concentrated on urban/modern fantasy is Mythara: At The Crossroads. It incorporates not only established series like the Dresden Files, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and Buffy, but also original characters and a rich, original setting. Lots of really nice people and a very welcoming atmosphere. If you're still looking for a game, I'm sure they'd welcome your interest.

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