When Shit Goes Right And It's Nice (On MU*s)

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    I just had a moment of: People are nice and I like them. I like to make an effort to talk about that as much as I can instead of only talking about what annoys me. Thus, this thread! It makes me happy when (listing things that have happened to me lately):

    • Staff are helpful, quick, and understanding.
    • Players are appreciative of your help.
    • Players know the concept they're apping and are excited about playing them.
    • Players are eager to get involved and take suggestions on how to do so.
    • Players and staff err on the side of trust and cooperation and it leads to awesome RP that is fun for everyone.

    These are all things that are going on, and it's nice. Feel free to list things that are nice in this thread that have happened to you and that you appreciate about the hobby.

  • Pitcrew

    Instead of being really general I'm going to be really specific.

    I ran this scene yesterday for Harm and Gertie on TR, and fuck if it wasn't relaxing, enjoyable, and fun to run. They both took the scenario - which could have easily gotten them in major trouble (but required no combat) - ran with it, let their characters react with it, gave me things to play off of too, and we all had a great time. I LOVE when players do this, it makes me even happier to be STing for them.

    Sometimes we're so busy focusing on the bad and what's broken (there's a lot of it) that we don't step back and enjoy the good - and there's a lot of that too, at least there is for me.

  • Pitcrew

    Gertie is a wonderful person to rp with, which helps significantly. This is how cliques are formed.

  • I don't focus on the bad, but it's much easier to quantify the bad. We also, frankly, tend to cut our friends a lot of slack on their flaws and inflate their good qualities, while zeroing in on petty bullshit from randos and people we don't particularly care for. It's human nature, but it makes me reluctant to either call people out by name unless they've become complete atrocities, or give someone a public compliment unless they've done something amazing (I give private compliments pretty frequently, and it's the kind of feedback I put more stock in and prefer to receive myself).

    With all that said, I did have an experience recently as a Guest that I really liked. I was actually invited to watch ongoing RP, and @tel'd to the grid by staff so I can get a sense of what an actual scene was like. I wish more games would do this, as the way the players and ST interacted gave me a much better idea of how the trains actually ran at this place. There are obvious pitfalls in doing this (namely, a lot of People on the Internet can't master basic courtesy and will be disruptive), but it was the first time I thought, 'Huh, this is a decent idea and there are ways it can probably work.'

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    @Three-Eyed-Crow - I've actually done this in the past, on TR and on Firan before. It has never NOT worked well, in my personal experience - and I really like it. There are some scenes where it's not terribly possible or appropriate but if the players agree I think it's a nice way to be inclusive to people trying to figure out wtf is going on in a new game.

    @Bristled-Thistle - As far as I knew going into it, Harm and Gertie were new-to-me players when I ran with the plot. I get what you're saying about cliques but it was even more charming to meet strangers with no expectations, and to walk away with such a lovely experience. I found out after the fact that I knew one of them but when that plot started they were just people who signed up for a plot I put up on +events, which made it lovely.

  • I giggled my head off while putting in my SHH application. Partially because some of it is so silly, partially because so am I.

  • @Thenomain said:

    I giggled my head off while putting in my SHH application. Partially because some of it is so silly, partially because so am I.

    I now want to know what your app is!

  • @Thenomain - you cad. I spent some time wondering WTF contract that was. ;)

    I'm a little short on RP because staffing, but I'm happy with the players I am working with. They've been very flexible and understanding. A good bunch.

  • Pitcrew

    Thing I like: Sowing discord among PCs in a plot with well-placed visions. Making people scared of stuffed woozles.

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