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  • Pitcrew

    Lets see how far back I can remember.
    The Dreaming II (I think it was II): Jason (Glick)
    DragonlanceMUX; Bryon
    Pacifica: Trent, Turner, A LOT of others who I don't remember
    Due Rewards: Jordan, Nny/Reaper/Phineas, Nicolai (Might have spelled it differently), Klaus, A bunch of others I don't remember.
    Dark Metal: Rak, Haye
    Firan: Torianos (the first one), Stefan Lapis,
    TGG: Extinction, Jase, Ewald, (I forget who my Finn was during the Winter War.)
    Oathcircle: Lan
    Denver: Jayson, RIcky
    Some other Changeling game where I ALSO played a pooka pirate rat. (I've done that a few times.) I'm blanking on the name, but I remember being left a Freehold by a Sidhe noble who quit that character, and then having the other nobles take it from me.
    Tempest: Cole, Dante

    I know there is a lot out there that I'm forgetting.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh, you. Awesome. Hi! I'm so glad you're still kicking around online!

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