Original Themed Game ISO Programmers, will pay for assistance.

  • Hi all.

    I've been working on an original themed supernatural orientated RP/RTS game for a period of years.

    I have no MUSH Coding experience. MOO, but not MUSH. As such, I need help.

    I am willing to compensate an experienced MUSH programmer to assist me in setting up and developing proprietary code for my idea. The amount will be discussed and issued via pay pal (or any method you'd prefer).

    I would prefer to pay on a per item basis (IE: Pay for setting the MUSH up, pay for a character generation system, etc).

    If this is something you would consider, please email me at jsdiesirae@gmail.com
    You can message me here, but email is preferred.

    Please indicate your prior or current Staffbit (if applicable), and any coding project you had worked on in the past.

    Thank you.

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