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  • I'm currently working on setting a MUSH up, but my experience is fairly limited, so my questions may seem on the simplistic side. (Which, in fact, they'll often be. :D ) But I'm curious as to what the difference is between .org, .com, .net, etc. Are some better the others to have as domains?

  • The difference is in what they mean. For example; .com is for commercial. .org is for an organization (Possibly non profit, not sure on that), .net is for a network, there are various ones that indicate country also.

    I use .com because I am in the middle of creating my own game system for use on my game, and to also make as a book to sell (I have far to many projects going at once I tell you) but realistically... use whichever you want.

  • Pitcrew

    @Lithium said:
    .org is for an organization (Possibly non profit, not sure on that)

    That's correct, it's generally for use by non-profits.

  • Thanks. :) From the sounds of things, I'm best just going with .com then.

  • I'm on Namecheap now, but it's saying I need to purchase an app along with a domain. Is anyone familiar with the site and what app is best value for money?

  • @Retias I don't use the site, and would myself personally not use it. I probably overpay a little for my hosting (I pay 15$ a month) but I get a /lot/ out of it, there's nothing hidden, no hoops to jump through, everything works pretty easily (Except for TeamSpeak, having trouble getting TeamSpeak to run a server on it but I think that's my problem, not theirs, first time trying to do so and am probably setting something up wrong) and it's never gone down on me so far.

    Since I am so happy though, I will gladly promote as whom I use, and recommend it to others.

  • @Retias I use namecheap for all of my domains, but I have no associated apps, nor have I ever been required to have one. Maybe it's just marketing since the domain is parked?

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