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  • This came across my science feed just a bit ago. I couldn't find any supporting corrboration but someone with better researching skills might have better luck. Anyways, here's a write up about researchers finding the possible causes of Fibromyalgia.

  • There is only one piece of traceable evidence in the article, the scientist Frank L. Rice. Who does Fibromyalgia research. Scientific articles suggest he pinpointed the origin of pain related to fibromyalgia in 2013, the last bundle of his publications are from this time.

    That the article only has his name once and doesn't mention more sources, such as his team, his collaborators, or the institutions they work for, it's questionable. Most scientific articles are written by the scientist themselves, they give themselves credit, and their institutions, and any grantors usually. This doesn't mean some scientific journal editor didn't attend a talk by Dr Rice and that is the skew he took from the talk. But it is questionable and one should wait for more articles to appear in less questionable sources, like on-line editions of print journals with high distribution rates.

  • Yeah. I agree entirely. This is why I wanted to make sure anyone reading the article would note it's lack of sources that could be considered credible. It's an interesting read and I hope there's going to be more on the topic. It is still good to know that there are people interested in researching this and that there are medical scientists who have moved beyond 'it's all in your head.'

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