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    The Weave:
    <character names not remembered>

    A Moment in Tyme (over 15 years, so yeah, there are a lot of characters there):
    Angron Kirthak, Child of the Light
    Njal, Queen's Guardman/Magistrate
    Arbaal, noble's guard
    Harkan Kirthak, Child of the Light, later Queen's Guard
    Creon, Child of the Light
    Agammon, Child of the Light
    Mason, Warder Trainee
    Daiyen, Aiel Spear
    Keldane, Child of the Light
    Termiane Koronel, Seanchan infiltrator
    Gerrit Ajara, weapons trainer
    Volkare Previn, Asha'man
    Brienne, Aes Sedai
    Liahm, Asha'man
    Parol, Weaponmastery and War Staffer

    Dragon's Fang
    Harkan Kirthak, Child of the Light
    Termiane Koronel, Seanchan-turned-Rebel Warder

    Termiane Koronel, Mercenary Blademaster
    Sang, Warder Trainee
    Raizo, Darkfriend Warder

    Knights of the Old Republic
    Volkare Previn, Sith Trooper
    Rha Dun, Jedi Knight
    Kieran "Key" Fel, Republic pilot
    Salm, Feeorin mercenary
    Shivas Anin, Jedi Knight
    Kharss, Chistori mercenary
    Bantha, Sith and War Staffer

    Vampire Masquerade
    Andrei, Russian Brujah

    One of the Battlestar Games (Cerberus?)
    Justinian, Tactical Officer

    Dark Times
    Victor Slade, Stormtrooper officer
    Brodie Jaimes, Wroonian Mercenary
    Sigil(?), Staffer

    Chicago MUSH
    Franklin, beat cop

    Steel and Stone
    Kamron Mallister, knight
    Sterling, common knight
    Darek Boldt, squire
    Tyroan Nayland, steward

    Game of Kings
    Darrin Taniford (before the insanity)
    Theme/Combat Staffer

    The Fifth World
    Nikomachos Sauveur of Cindravale, jouster and knight
    Drake Danger, rocker
    Victor Khournas, foot knight
    Mars, HeadWiz

    Generations of Darkness
    CT-1231 "Dog", Stormtrooper
    Brodie Jaimes, Human Mercenary/Rebel
    Victor Slade, Republic Senator turned Rebel
    Shivas Anin, Jedi Knight

    Star Wars: Omens
    Kajj'ik Previn, Dark Acolyte
    Alpha-69 "Smoke," Alpha-class clone
    Victor Slade, Republic Senator
    Rockabilly, Combat Staffer

    Realms Adventurous
    Kamron de Dinton, worthy knight
    Morlois de Willcot, unworthy knight

    The 100 MUSH
    Orion, Staffer
    Grey, angry ex-Guard Cadet
    Luther, veteran warrior

    Gabriel Bisland, loyal duke (briefly)

    Van, by-the-book Viper pilot
    Gustavo, gentle giant Marine

    Fires of Hope
    Erskine Hylle, ex-CIS rebel
    Devlin Cinn, Imperial deserter

    The Eighth Sea
    Leviathan, Staffer
    Sebastien Achille, swashbuckler
    Ebo, pirate revolutionary

    Simon Green, OC SHIELD Agent
    Frank Castle, The Punisher

    Common Descent
    Simon Green, OC SHIELD Agent
    Frank Castle, The Punisher
    Roy Harper, Arsenal

    Spirit Lake
    Diego Reyes, newly-hired Deputy
    Etta Tuscano, sword-wielding glassblower

    Gray Harbor
    Kevin Walters, geeky journalist/conspiracy theorist
    Marius Andersson, would-be Viking architecture student

    The Savage Skies
    Rome, Staff
    Thomas "Flash" Bradshaw, American show-off pilot
    Yao Sang, Chinese Shanghai Municipal Policeman
    Jimmy Walker, American Marine

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    Oh hey Kamron/Sterling! I was Hardwicke/Rosanna/Banshee on S&S. :D

  • Hey there, I played Hareth of the Mire on Steel and Stone, and I remember a hilarious scene with Tyroan Nayland there! And our paths crossed again lately on Realms. Too bad my alt there never did get to scene with his unworthy brother.

  • Pitcrew

    Good to see some old S&S folks around.

  • Ah man. Fifth World. Had some great RP and made some awesome friends, there.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh, hi. I know you.

  • Admin

    @Seraphim73 said:

    A Moment in Tyme (over 15 years, so yeah, there are a lot of characters there):
    Harkan Kirthak, Child of the Light, later Queen's Guard


  • Pitcrew

    I miss Fifth World! Great game. I was Eirene Volen :P

  • Pitcrew

    @apu and @Deviante There were some great folks on Fifth World. It made Venus and I very sad that our life got so busy that we just couldn't keep up with the pace of running stuff there. Good to see you both around (the bar fight in Volkan with Eirene and Devon still has a few of my favorite moments).

    @Arkandel Yeah... some good memories there.

    @Faceless Excellent! I like to know people I know. (?)

  • Pitcrew

    @Seraphim73 said:

    Excellent! I like to know people I know. (?)


  • Pitcrew


    Wow, I totally forgot about that fight but you brought it all back to mind! Good times.

  • Pitcrew

  • Pitcrew

    @Seraphim73 Thank you!!

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    Added my BSU characters, since there are quite a few people from here playing there.

  • Pitcrew

    What is this BSU I keep hearing about?

  • Pitcrew

    Given that one of the character now listed is a referred to as a Viper pilot I would assume Battle Star... something that starts with U.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm putting my bet on Ulysses.

  • @Cupcake Battlestar Unification

  • Pitcrew

    Battlestar University! All the fun of space hijinks and political intrigue, all the drama of trying to figure out which sorority to join and how to not get pregnant at a kegger!

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    @Kanye-Qwest I would totally play that with you.

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