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  • Yeah i get distracted and wander off for long stretches of time but still here. Seeing if I recognize anyone.

    Realms of Despair Sahael (vampire, unrelated entirely to the later characters with this name.) Misa (Pixie Thief, National Minister of Intelligence), Warik (Human Fathomer), Dweezl the deadly gnome cleric, Rozencrants (human, deadly Fathomer), Ashandra (Druid Sea-Elf. Nations Leader.)
    And yes Misa, Ashandra and Sahael were all members of one adventuring party. I thought it was fun to play as a group for people. Even if in the end Ash sacrificed Sahael to an elder god.

    Shadowrun Denver Karl. Ork street sami... man this was like in 2004 I can't remember.

    City of Hope (and other branches) Misa Wong/Misa Tsao/Meilin Wong/Connie Cheng (Lots of alternate identities never really got used) Sahael Al-Atrash, Christina Hynes/Anne Alexandrov.

    Realm of DreamsAshandra (I'm lazy when it comes to names okay?) Titless Sidhe skating on the edge of undoing.

    City of Nexus Hector Hsu (cowardly Cultist of Ecstacy tricked into being a council member) Micheal Hunt (Euthanatos)

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