Star Wars: Rogue MUSH (wanna be a jedi? then be a fricking jedi)(looking for staff)

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    My name is Darren (aka Fantom) and I am looking to put together a team for a project I am currently working on.

    The project is a 2 phase project, with phase 1 eta completion in 2016 and phase 2 in 2017.

    Phase 1: Star Wars: Rogue MUSH
    Based on Star Wars: New Worlds (codebase/db), creating a star wars based RP set somewhere in the 60ish ABY timeline. I like this timeline because most of the FC's are older and not active. It lets some of the younger characters really develop into significant roles, and the children of the FC's and their children really get to take a role in the main plot arc. Also, because the game is based on Legends, between 45-130aby there is not a lot of material. This allows us to base a storyline on our accord, based on galactic events that the players create, and gives us incredible flexibility.

    I mention the flexibility because my motivation for this game is much different then it usually is. I have built many muds, mushes and other online games. And I've realized that I've always built them to how I would want the game to be. It makes sense, to that the creator of something creates something in his own image. But this time is different. This time, I want to create something for the players. A game for the players. What does this mean? It means there are no favorites. No top FC positions held only by admins. No 2 year waiting period to become a jedi or a sith. If you want to be a jedi, day 1, your a jedi. Want to be a sith maraudeer? Boom, day 1, sith. Sure, there are force rules, because we can't have players running around force lightning every player they see. But there is so much more to RPing a jedi or sith or other force user that to deny the players the chance is just wrong. On Star Wars: Rogue MUSH, playing a force user is a right, not a privilege for the elite. And hey, want to play a smuggler? Leader of a Confederation? CEO or a ship builder? All characters can fit into our blank slate storyline, so all players have a chance to act out their star wars characters as they see fit.

    A little bit about what we have in place so far: I run a VPS, so we have a very secure, very stable server. 4xIntelXeon processors, 6GB ram, 40GPs upstream connection, 60GB SSD /w raid running Debian. The advantage to our own server, is our email, website, wiki everything runs on our server. No ads. No wikia slowness. Everything is on our server. We have a website up right now with forums. (beta). Mediawiki server is up Haven't added anything but its on the todo list.

    What I'm looking to do is put together a team. Once we have a team in place, we can start the work of rewriting the existing DB to match our story lines. As you know, SW:NW had almost 3000 rooms, 4500 exits, and 2600 objects. Hardcoded Dspace system modified to match the D6 system. Full chargen, space, economy, org/factions, force system and coded planets, sectors, space stations are all in there. We just need to start molding it to our storyline. Also, once our team is assembled, we can begin the work of writing our storyline/plots. I have some ideas in mind, but would love to collaborate.

    The positions I am looking for would be: Code Wiz, Head World Wiz, Head RP Wiz, Head Char Wiz, Wiki Wiz. And then fill in from there. Quality over quanity.

    A little bit about me: I'm 36 years old. I live in Alberta, Canada and enjoy a job where I get to sit in front of a computer all day and work on the MUSH. I do work, I am in the field sometimes, but 90% of my days I am available to this project. I do have 2 little kids, so I balance my work/play/home life I'd like to think rather well. The point is, I am committed. I am not looking at starting this up and dropping it in 4 months. If our playbase drops, I'm not packing up and taking off. There are 2 more star wars movies coming out over the next several years, and I plan to be around for each of those releases :)

    I am well versed in C, JAVA, PHP, HTML, hardcode and softcode. I'm not a master softcoder, as I have been working on muds more then mushes lately, but I can get by.

    Phase 2 concerns a heavily coded, modified SWR:FOTE FUSS mud I was working on. Lots of work left to do on it, and I won't even look at it unless I can build a mud team or when Phase 1 is where it needs to be. But basically the mud will be an extension of the mush, and offer players who are more into hack n slash then RP a place to play.

    I look at the mud/mush listings every day. I see SW themed games pop up, their advertisements are less then 3 months old, go to connect, and no hostname exists. Websites don't work. WIKI's are third party hosted with nothing on them. I promise I do not intend for SWR to follow this path. Click on our website or connect to our MUSH 365 days from today, and both will still work, be active and updated. I promise that.

    If you are interested in a position, have any questions, by all means please email me at

    Check out the website, or you can check out the mush at 4200
    Please bare in mind that the mush has a fresh sw:nw DB installed, and I have not started working on the adjustments yet.

    Thank you so much for your time, and I apologize for the length of this post.



  • Alberta! Wooo!

    Alberta, Woooo!

    All kidding aside, a fresh d6 mush would be a treat :)

  • I would love a new d6 SW game! Count me in!

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  • A Star Wars D6 game would be awesome.

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    Small update folks.

    We have a few hard working staff members on board, but we could sure use some more.

    We have decided, after many long discussions, that the passion and attention are on the canon universe more so then the EU. With 2 more movies coming out, we feel this is the best theme to garner the best gaming experience.

    We are still using the D6 system, so if your interested in helping out or just want to stop by and see how we are doing, hop on the mush @ 4200 OR check out the website @ OR shoot me an email


  • I love the idea of a new d6 SW game, but I am curious as to why you would set it in a timeline when the Canon will clearly diverge from whatever the next movie will be like? You still have the problem with FC's being special snowflakes and the perception that often comes along with FC's (That the FC's are the only ones that count/matter).

    Why not set it even further in the future, where the battle of yavin, the empire, the republic, and all of that are now history lessons? Or even Myth, maybe even forgotten. Then you have complete and utter creative freedom.

    Admittedly it takes a bit more work, but, a game like that... that would be something imho. We could all have the same chance to make our own legends without standing in the shadows of Yoda, Palpatine, etc...

  • This post is deleted!

  • I love D6, I also like the idea of a less usual time period. I have to agree with others about the FC and Canon issues though. I really like the idea of the far future. I would love to see a role reversal of the prequels, the Sith run the Galaxy, they're an order it's members deified lords. The Galaxy is a place where most are essentially slaves to their Sith Lords, war between the Lord's, rebellion, these things are common within the Empire, only a few know the word Jedi and most of them believe they were either a legend or wiped out long ago. Yet the Jedi are out there only a handful and hidden for the most part, but they've been fermenting rebellion and are almost ready to make their move. This is where the Players come in, Rebellion is in the air and characters will find themselves forced to pick a side.

    Still, my ramblings aside, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  • @Sogan I actually think this would be pretty cool, I would definitely play that.

  • Fermented rebellion for the win!

  • May the Mead Be With You!

  • @Lithium I've been thinking on that one for a while, though my lack f experience with the development and management of MU's, coupled with my (totally rational) fear that my head would explode from the effort of trying I fear it'll never happened.

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    I get what your saying about way in the future. A few things about SWR though:

    1. Only game that is based post TFA.
    2. We don't have FC's. All FC's are non playable. Our game encourages new characters that don't exist, but can find a place, in the SW Canon universe. When ep8 comes out, when Rogue comes out, we have an incredible writing team that is capable of rolling with it. We are also not rigid. We can move and are flexible enough to adapt with what happens.

    See my new post. And the intro. And turn up your speakers.


  • @Fantom I believe Age of Alliance is Ep 7 based. Still on the fence as to if the new canon is doing anything for me though to be honest.

  • Pitcrew

    @Soran AoA takes place 2 years prior to TFA. We are the only game that is based POST TFA.


  • Ah, cool.

  • This game looks sweet. Good on ya, Ace.

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    Thanks @tangent !

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