Three Cheers for Staffers!

  • Pitcrew

    Many consider Staffing a thankless job, and for many staffers it might be. And for some I am sure it is a thrill, rush of power over another player.

    But for the majority of those I have met, they simply want to provide a good time for others and keep this hobby they love moving strong.

    So thank you all, staffers. Especially my badass team of staffers, but all of you across the games: thank you.

  • Tutorialist

    I started staffing kind of on accident. I mentioned that I liked doing build stuff to a member of the (then current) staff. She, in turn, grabbed me and dragged me into a page convo with @Coin that basically said "Can I keep him?" So, I started as a build staffer, and fixed the little building mistakes here and there. After that, I branched out into Werewolf because that sphere was too much for anyone person to handle I even managed to code the barebones outline of a game system that someone else improved greatly upon. And the rest is history.

    Power was never a part of the bargain. Except, I guess, me bitching at @Coin and @Thenomain that trying to build as a non-wizard in MUX is fucking tedious, and begging for power there.

  • Not to derail this thread too much, but some anonymous coward is going to have to explain to me a confusion: @Derp got a down vote for that why? Sincerely, Thenomain.

  • Tutorialist


    I get routinely serial downvoted. It's a pattern. I don't sweat it anymore.

  • @Derp

    I have noticed, and it's a cowardly thing to do. Sometimes I want to smack your head right off your shoulders myself, but the middle of a supportive post is not the time. So thank you for your hard efforts that made Eldritch work, as brief as it was,

  • @Thenomain @Derp Sadly its not me, even if I think @Derp sucked as a staffer and as a human in general. JUST SAYING! Keep on Keeping ON!

  • Pitcrew

    We've had a rash of inexplicable downvotes lately. While I don't think it's horrible, it does seem to be kind of weird that the downvote is anonymous. It's why I don't use it, while I guess one could argue that just upvoting something is just as dumb, usually if I'm upvoting it's for support or agree which doesn't always mean I have much to contribute beyond an "I agree" or "Wow, that was said really well and in a way that I think is even better than anything else I could say" or "That was funny!" while if I am going to bother to express disagreement or whatever, I'd prefer to do it less anonymously and more outright.

  • @mietze I only downvote obvious, unfunny trolls, racism, etc.

  • Pitcrew

    I mostly just downvote @Coin.

  • @tragedyjones said:

    I mostly just downvote @Coin.


  • I've always thought it crap that downvotes were anonymous.

  • Same. Clearly it's time for a referendum.

  • Admin

    @lordbelh said:

    I've always thought it crap that downvotes were anonymous.

    Here's a downvote for you. From uh, someone.

  • Pitcrew

    @Arkandel I tried to click on mobile and just ended up down voting you

  • And now that we know it's @VulgarKitten and @Insomnia down voting @Derp, I suggest we get back to things we are thankful for.

    My start as staff was made possibly by supportive staffers and players over at The Reach. My time now on BITN has been helped along by my wonderful colleagues and, most importantly, good players. Players that know the systems and codes, players who will help me look up a news file when I forget where it is, players who (god bless your hearts) make storytelling fun.

    Thank you, staffers. Thank you, helpful players.

  • Creator

    Yeah but since it's a thank you for good staffers and Derp was self-patting himself on the back... well, I'll still downvote any time he talks about staffing like he's a good one. shrugs

  • @Insomnia Yep.

  • Tutorialist

    @Insomnia said:

    Yeah but since it's a thank you for good staffers and Derp was self-patting himself on the back... well, I'll still downvote any time he talks about staffing like he's a good one. shrugs

    I was only talking about how I got started staffing, not patting myself on the back like I'm the greatest staffer ever. But by all means, continue placing intention where it doesn't exist.

  • Pitcrew

    I don't know you at all, nor do I know where you staffed, but I bet you weren't that bad! People generally aren't.

  • Tutorialist

    Back to things we're thankful for -- I wanna give a shout out to @Coin, @Eerie, and @Thenomain. Eldritch was, from behind the scenes, an immense labor of love. I don't know who else was involved in its creation, but they were the three around when I got there, and you could really tell they put a ton of effort into it when you peered behind the curtain and started looking at the sheer depth of detail they had added to the world. It was a very exciting thing to see, and that trio was a great team to work with. Thanks for the memories, guys!

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