What a refreshing feeling

  • mysql> drop database thereach;

    Yes. It is done.

    I have archives of the wiki, the forum, the game, etc etc etc. Not sure there is interest but the archives exist and some of them can be safely posted (e.g. via bittorrent or the like).

    As it stands, the forum content is only in the mysql dump and I don't imagine that is easy to extract in a useful form that doesn't have significant privacy violations. The complete wikistate from sql is present, but I will likely instead offer the mediawiki content xml export and a separate tar of the images. The content xml was somewhere around 4G of data but compressed to around 100M. The images with thumbnails mostly removed, etc., come out to about 4.5G. Final sqldump is about 1G. Game internal DB state, maildb and comsys have been archived via my git archive backuper thing, so I have detailed version history over time. No, not handing that out. Complete git archive (bare) for that is about 2.2G.

    Realistically, any future flatfile of the reach game db would need to have users removed and quite likely a great deal more. I'm going to punt and for now say that the people that need that data should already have that data and go yell at fallcoast if you'd like more than that.


    • But I was still using that!
      Okay. Go play somewhere else, now. The Reach was closed ages ago.

    • But the wiki!!
      Realistically it spent most of its time locked because of the AbsenteeLandlord plugin that locks a wiki if no admins login. In any case, I have a relatively pre-sanitized mediawiki xml export and separate image tar that may suit your needs. Ask and I'll put that together.

    • But the ICONS omg
      Yes, okay. I can see why lots of games would want access to the icons and didn't manage to copy them off before whatever. See this archive

  • Pitcrew

    Thank you for all that you do, Chime!

  • What's the proper form of alcohol to pour out to commemorate the death of a MySQL database?

  • Tutorialist


    Mad Dog.

  • @Sammi --

    It was more than that, but the drop database bit looked cooler. No one really wants to see all of the

    cd /var/www/thereach/docroot/w/maintenance
    php dumpsomethingorotherIforgettherestbutyermumetcetc |xz -9 >~/reach.xml.xz
    cd ..
    rm -rf images/
    tar xJvf ~/images.tar.xz images
    rm -rf /var/www/thereach
    cp /home/mush/thereach/game/backups/somethingorother ~
    cp -r /home/mush/thereach/git ~/reachgit
    rm -rf /home/mush/thereach
    groupdel thereach
    userdel -r thereach
    a2dissite thereach
    a2dissite thereach-ssl
    service apache2 restart
    rm /var/spool/cron/crontabs/thereach

    and so on, and on. The guts are always ugly. Not sure appropriate alcohol/music to give it a sendoff. Leaning toward the Sound of Silence and a double of scotch.

  • @Chime
    Oh baby, talk bash to me.

  • I'm listening to the Shadowrun Returns soundtrack and plotting the future. I think the best we can do is remember who we were then and who we are now and that the more drama we cut out of our games the more fun they are.

  • And how many hours I spent going through the nWoD books to make sure that the Merits and powers pages were absolutely perfect.

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