Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

  • Loved this game when it came out a decade ago, and I played the Wii version that was mirrored from the original left-handed design because they changed it to match up better with the Wiimote in the right hand.

    After seeing someone talking about how to do screenshots with the Wii U (press the home button and it holds an image of the last thing that was on the screen) and uploading them to Miiverse, someone else explained how to do it through Imgur. It's basically the same way, just opening the internet browser instead, but the screenshots are larger. 1080p compared to the old 480p for the originals is also nice.

    I saved about two dozen that do a nice job of showing off the upgraded textures and all. It's been fun playing this all over again, and there are a few improvements to the general gameplay convenience as well with what the gamepad allows you to do that a controller doesn't.

    A gallery:


    The Zora Armor still rocks, too.

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