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  • I was trying to keep my characters separate from my 'not on a mu* place'. In general I'm crap at keeping my characters separate. I always forget who I've told and why I was keeping them separate (usually so I don't get pages elsemu* or whatever all 'Come do thees!'

    I'll just note my notable ones or ones I was fond of/cared about/remember.


    Hanya @ Akashat (Years ago)
    Tekinta @ Akashat (and briefly on Shangrila)
    Luralee @ Firan
    Arethi @ Firan
    Lysiana @ Firan
    Tayani @ Firan
    Several Different ones @ Firan
    Kariana @ SerenityMush
    Tempest @ Memories of Legend (staff alt.)
    Adelina @ Memories of Legend
    Azalea @ Gorram
    Misaki @Gorram
    Vic @ Gorram
    Amira @ Beauty
    Gabrielle @ Beauty
    Valentine @ Beauty
    Viviana @ Beauty
    Several Different ones @ SerenityMUSH
    Emilia @SerenityMSUH (I think that is how I spelt it)
    Cela @ Shangrila
    Several Different ones @ Shangrila
    Nicky @ The Reach
    Samira @ The Reach
    Vancouver @ The Reach
    Evelyn @ The Reach (A possessed model, since there was more than one)
    Several Different ones @ The Reach (I like to CG)
    Justice @ Society
    Kenna @ Safe Haven Harbor
    Corinne @ Kushiel's Debut
    Jasmine @ Kushiel's Debut
    Danette@ Kushiel's Debut
    Reine @ Kushiel's Debut
    Marion @ Kushiel's Debut
    Lucile @ Kushiel's Debut
    Zacharie @ Kushiel's Debut
    Colette @ Kushiel's Debut
    Rosaire @ Kushiel's Debut
    Adia @ Reno
    Mikaela @ Reno
    Myriani @ Shangrila
    Delaney @ Fallcoast
    Kandi @ Fallcoast
    Sarai @ Fallcoast
    Muriel @ Fallcoast
    Teresia @ Shangrilla
    Poison @ Angel's Legacy
    Muse @ Angel's Legacy
    Mailys @ Arx
    Isidora @ Arx (brief)
    Sarielle @ Arx
    Jayanthi @ Arx
    Sameera @ Arx
    Armani @ Arx
    Kyla @ Fifth Kingdom
    Jessie @ Stranger Than Fiction
    Noelle @ Stranger Than Fiction
    Elissa @ Fallcoast
    Venus @ Sailor Moon: The Crystal Millennium (Staff/In progress game. Just got code stuff.)

    Faythe @ Fallcoast
    Layla @ Fallcoast
    Catia @ Fallcoast

    I flitter across games and try connecting with the theme and junk. I've played on some smaller places I doubt many have heard of. And I know I have forgotten several.

    Also, most of these are ages old characters.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @icanbeyourmuse said:

    I am always pokeable …

    Must. Resist. Childish. Boorish. Joke!

  • Awwww. REsisting the jokes is not as fun!

  • Updated my list. I just edited my original post. Not that many seem to care but just in case there are those that do!

    As a general rule I am pokable for RP or to try and convince to join some game. I am pretty boring but I am pretty available.

  • Which of these are actually current? You've only got three on one game listed as current. Is that all you play now?

  • At the moment, yup. The other places I am active on are still being made. I've other alts on Kushiel's Debut but I'm pretending I can secret them away.

    I've not found a mu* that keeps my focus for long. Not a big WoD fan. So, if you got suggestions on places I'm ears. @Olsson suggested a place I might try.

  • Nah, don't play much myself these days. I hang around on MUSH and on an old-Trek game that nobody actually plays (more's the pity). I just thought it was funny you had about ten thousand characters listed with three current on one game. :)

  • Haha. Yup. I like making chars almost more, if not more, than the actual playing. I'd happily sit an d CG something for people.

  • Hmmm... I have a few concepts I need fleshed out for Shangrila. Let's talk… ;)

  • Haha. I'm not against that! I will generally play anything.

  • I updated again. Such an altaholic. Feel free to hit me up for connections on any of the games I am on.

  • Updated again. I was far too lazy to make a new one like it suggested.

  • Admin

    @icanbeyourmuse Holy shitballs, that's a lot of characters.

  • @Arkandel I like to CG things! It's like my fun. I /almost/ like it better than RP.

  • Updated my list again. Found some worlds with old bits.

  • did more updating. Also still pondering if I wanna join Grimwood, Dystopia, and Arx.

  • Updated for recent bits.

  • updated.

  • Pretty sure Jayanthi is Arx not Stranger Than Fiction because I just RPed with her last night! You're very talented.

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