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    Dawn, Spirit Lake
    Luna, Chontio
    Sorrel, Arx
    It seemed like a personal challenge to list as many of my characters as possible here. I have log files that date back to 1996, and my memory is hazy. Some things are best left forgotten. I have tried to be as compete as possible, nonetheless, although I didn't always log and some of these logs are from the days when you could only name files with 8 characters.

    List is alphabetical by character name and incomplete:

    Amadea, Valorous Domain
    Analee, Cuendillar
    Annabelle, Dark Wine and Roses
    Baedi, Star Wars: A New Threat
    Beaid, Star Wars: Brak Sector
    Bianca, Emerald Dreams
    Cassandra, LA MUSH
    Cate, Dark Destiny: Denver by Night
    Melpomene, Dark Metal: New Core City
    Eiriel, Akarian Dawn: Shadows of an Empire
    Eva, A Memoir of Betrayal
    Eviene, Windy City
    Fuchsia, Due Rewards
    Gwyn, Star Trek: Gamma One
    Ilsa, Haunted Memories
    Jenni, Masquerade
    Judy, San Diego
    Kalori, Firan
    Keritbes, Tales of Tavaren
    Ketria, Firan
    Luna, Due Rewards
    M42, San Francisco
    Maria, Threads of Time
    Meg, Memoir of Betrayal
    Meg, Exodus
    Meneliel, Elendor
    Miko, Darkness Falling
    Min, Star Wars: Galaxy
    Minerva, Out of the Darkness
    Miranda, Fallen Leaves
    Mirella, Firan
    Mirielle, Due Rewards
    Mirelle, Time of Shadows
    Sparky, Haunted Memories
    Sweet, Star Trek: Anomaly
    Sydnia, Cuendillar
    Tallulah, Metro
    Tallulah, The Reach
    Teonia, Firan
    Zinnia, Gathering Storm
    Zita, Ashes to Ashes

    I also staffed on Darkwater, Due Rewards, Firan, and Star Wars: Brak Sector with some regularity, but people often gave me a wizbit because... I dunno. I'm likable and trustworthy or something.

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  • Pitcrew

    @Tributary said:

    Sparky, Haunted Memories

    <3 Sparky

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Wretched said:

    @Tributary said:

    Sparky, Haunted Memories

    <3 Sparky

    Ooo! It's you. And I love your picture, Wretched <3

  • @Misadventure -- technically, the Navigator was an NPC, although I played her regularly. But yes, that was me. I didn't really play much at Darkwater, which made me a good neutral person to consult on things.

    @Wretched -- I miss that character some times. She was one of my favorites ever.

    @Chime -- Yes! It's me! You've found me!

  • Awww... Ketria. Hiya!

  • Creator

    Tallulah! I remember Tallulah, we had fun (On The Reach). I was Wesley, the dumb guy who was a werewolverine. I really enjoyed RPing with you, I was sad that we lost contact.

  • I have updated with what I am currently playing. You can find me now in games.

  • Tutorialist

    Me: Hey Tributary, you should come play this silly bard roster I made on Arx.
    Tributary: Did you make this character FOR ME?
    Me: ...>.>;;

  • Pitcrew

    @tributary Heeeey. Love you on Sorrel :)

  • @tributary Brak Sector! That was years and years ago, I already have forgotten who I played but your character name seems to ring a bell.

  • Updated with Spring Lake.

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