Couples who MU together

  • Pitcrew

    @Royal and I are together and I rarely ever roleplay with him, even though we met on a similar game. He's much cooler than I am too, anyway. :)

  • It's definitely an area in which people have to set their own comfort zones, re: what they're comfortable with.

    I've been living with the same person since before I started MUing (OMG... 20 years) though he doesn't MU; it was actually one of his friends that introduced me to MOO way back when. We used to tabletop together, though, and he keeps insisting he'll join in on playtesting anything I eventually put together, so inevitably, he will someday, heavens help him. He's heard 20 years of MU drama stories and is still willing to do that -- now that's dedication. ;)

  • @BobGoblin said:

    Is it reasonable to treat the PCs of a couple as alts? Not in the you can't RP together sense but in the can't cause direct benefit to the couple's character sense?

    No, its not reasonable.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh man, what are you people SAYING? You treat couples as honest open allies in board games? You don't want them playing on opposing factions? There is NOTHING more fun that pwning my hubby in a board game except POSSIBLY a long, well structured campaign which many others are a part of to pwn him on a MU*. Come on guys! Surely some of you are married and know this joy? Speak up!

  • Pitcrew

    @Gingerlily I destroy my wife when we play games together. We are fucking vicious to each other in MTG games. It is the best. If i cant pick on and verbally abuse my wife during game nights, i don't wanna be married! Couples that pick on each other, stay together. Unless yer a bunch of little bitches.

  • Couples usually don't bother me. I mean, unless I get a horrible page out of the blue about stealing their SO, I usually just go with whatever they are playing. Doesn't mean a vampire gets to go to my sexy mage parties, though.

  • Couples, in the end, are no more likely to 'trade info' or 'abuse OOC knowledge' or anything along those lines than any room mates, friends, or anything else. Depends on the people involved.

    There's people who are shady, and there are people who aren't. Couple status has more or less nothing to do with it. If somebody's going to be shifty about their dealings, being in or not in a couple isn't going to change that up any, in the end.

    Plus, like @Gingerlily and @Wretched mention, sometimes couples love to play 'best of enemies' or something along those lines. Playful, good-natured rivalries are a thing that can be healthy (if not taken to extremes) in any kind of relationship -- from casual gaming buddy to soulmate.

  • @Wretched said:

    Couples that pick on each other, stay together. Unless yer a bunch of little bitches.

    I'm no longer allowed to do this, mostly because I'm much better than my partner at these games.

  • @Ganymede said:

    @Wretched said:

    Couples that pick on each other, stay together. Unless yer a bunch of little bitches.

    I'm no longer allowed to do this, mostly because I'm much better than my partner at these games.

    Mine won't even play boardgames with me anymore...

  • @Lithium said:

    Mine won't even play boardgames with me anymore...


    I'm just not allowed to pick on her.

    But there is a rule in the house: when watching Jeopardy!, I'm not allowed to shout out the answers, but she is.

    This is what happens when your partner is also a lawyer.

    I just seek peace and a reasonable resolution.

  • Pitcrew

    To give a more thorough response, I feel like it really depends. Clearly some people here have been burned and are responding to that and i get it, but I think any people who pair up whether they are roomates or irl best buddies or just online pals who game together often and like to go into MU*es with paired concepts and then run wild can either be fun or a problem. The issue is often how much OOC info is shared, and how much of the game is 'played' OOC vs IC, and I don't think that has much to do with who is a couple real life or not.

    My husband and I play on MU*es together sometime, though he is a far more casual player than I. He and I also both come from a MUD background and he is slower to move on to the MUSH culture of sharing -anything- OOC, even the stuff that everybody shares, so for us it really isn't a problem. He gets PISSED at me when I try to discuss with him even the most benign details of game plots or plans or ideas for doing something cool OOC. I can't even tell him funny stories that have nothing to do with anything if they happened on the game and are "IC Information' as he dubs it. We have in the past played against each other and enjoyed the heck out of it, and also sometimes play on the same 'team' with some kind of connection or other. It really ends up being no big deal, no more influential than playing with a friend who I have never met.

    Relationship RP with other people when we play is no big deal either, unless the other party (the text one) gets weird in some fashion, like there was a time some girl his character was in a relationship with yelled at him because he wasn't online when he said he would be to rp relationship fun with her because he'd spontaneously decided to take his in the flesh wife on a date. That kind of fluke aside, it's been pretty easy though.

    If people are going to be weird, I think it doesn't matter what their relationship to one another is. They'll be jerks anyhow.

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