Vorpal's play list

  • I guess I might as well do this, even though most of the MU*s I played on before my hiatus during college aren't around anymore. Except for Discworld- man, that place has lasted forever...

    Cyndartella @ Discworld MU -she was the worst witch ever, and proud of it.
    Wonder Woman @ Brave New World - The real Wonder Woman that Elsa retconned as an Earth 2 'impostor' so she could play her crappy New 52 version.
    Vorpal @ HeroMUX, Brave New World, CoMUX -he's my boy, what can I say?
    Sundog @ HeroMUX, -Rock stars never die, they just become mutants.
    Bellatrix @ HeroMUX - Gravity-manipulating Bea Arthur tribute. What's not to love?
    Miss America Chavez @ HeroMUX (past) and CoMUX (current)- because MAC rocks.

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