Bloody Valentine's Day Massacre 2016 (More shameless self promotion)

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    Do you hate Valentine's day?

    Do you like Horror games?

    I'm going to be marathon streaming various horror games and getting shitfaced. Why not drop by if you are bored? Twitch or Twitter for every time I change games.

    I take requests and a lot of you have me on Steam already. If you don't I'm Moiren (The Canadian one).

    Holy shit I have a lot of zombie games.

    So far the list in no particular order is:

    Corpse Party
    Parasite Eve
    Silent Hill
    Resident Evil 0
    Until Dawn if I decide Emily needs to be chucked in the wood chipper again.
    Five Nights at Freddies, as a way of saying thank you to my moderators since they are deathly afraid of animatronics.
    Dead Island
    Dread Out
    The Evil Within
    The Walking Dead (Either the TellTale Game or Survival Instinct.)

    I probably won't get through them, all but I'm going to go until I pass out as it's my weekend.

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  • Parasite Eve


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    @Bobotron Your liver might not think so! Playing a drinking game with it. Take a drink every time they say mitochondria. We're at 58 and at the hospital...

    Probably going to finish Oxenfree first though.

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