• I'm not often big on these kinds of games but a friend got me a copy of it with the threat of play this or suffer. And I'm recommending it to people who like story-driven puzzle mysteries ala the Vanishing of Ethan Carter and other such genre games. It's a beautiful game and I've really enjoyed what I've played through so far.

  • @Jaded
    I was just looking at it! Is it like Myst or survival/puzzle?

  • @HorrorHound

    I can't say it is like Myst. Then again I've not played Myst since I was maybe 17 so my ability to compare is flawed. What I can tell you is that it is a first person narrative game that's got a pretty compelling story, some great voice acting, and great landscaping. I even like the sound track which fits the atmosphere quite well.

    Hrm. I could compare it somewhat to Soma? Though far less horror and far more mystery. And set in the backdrop of the forests of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming.

  • I didn't like Myst. I tried Firewatch and didn't like it either.

    Maybe I'm just not pretentious enough.

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