The 5th Wave

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    Wave 1 - Darkness
    Wave 2 - Destruction
    Wave 3 - Infection
    Wave 4 - Invasion

    For countless generations, we have looked up to the sky and wondered "Are we alone? Are there other intelligent races out there?" And for generations that question was left unanswered, until 2015:

    It was dubbed 'the Arrival': A massive spaceship, at least five miles in diameter, was spotted passing by Mars, and then two days later it dropped into the upper atmosphere of Earth. The response from humanity was divided: most sent welcome messages, and tried to communicate with whoever or whatever was inside the ship, only to be met with silence. Others saw it as the beginning of the end, and fled to what they thought were secure areas to wait out what was going to happen. As it turned out, the latter group was the smart one.

    Wave 1, February - Darkness: The aliens used their technology to rob us of our own, forcing us to survive on outdated technology and methods. Estimated casualties: 500,000 worldwide.

    Wave 2, February - Destruction: Alien-induced earthquakes and tidal waves resulted in once prosperous urban sprawl being reduced to a shell of its former self. By the end of the month, California, Florida, Central America, Japan, the Hawaiian Islands, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and more had been wiped off of the map. Estimated casualties: Hundreds of thousands.

    Wave 3, March - Infection: The aliens enlisted the help of the birds to deliver a pathogen that made Typhoid and Ebola seem like a case of morning sickness by comparison. Large parts of the populace died off shortly after infection, with others taking weeks or more to even show symptoms, if they became sick at all. Estimated casualties: Millions.

    Wave 4, April - Invasion: The fourth wave has been subtle, due to the incredulity of it all. We are being hunted. We aren’t sure by what or by whom. No one has seen the predator, but we have given them a name. Silencer. Eventually, we discovered that the aliens have been taking human hosts in order to insert sleeper agents into our midst and they are brainwashing and controlling our youth to hunt us down and kill us. Now we struggle to survive in a world occupied by an alien menace, not knowing when the next wave will hit, or if it will be the one to kill what's left of us. To that end, some of us have taken refuge in Stratford, Texas, to make a stand against this threat.

    This is an ongoing game based on the novels by Rick Yancey. Knowledge of the book is encouraged, but not required. We are looking for new players that love to contribute to an established canon, as well as to roleplay; we are also on the lookout for storytellers, and staff. Our website contains enough information to get you going.

    We look forward to telling stories with you.

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