7th Sea Second Edition

  • The Kickstarter is live.

    My TT group played the stuff in the quick starter this weekend. We had a pretty fun time with it. The system was a bit different but we thought it worked really well. Really encouraged descriptive actions.

  • I be Captain Misadventure now.

  • Tutorialist

    wibbles, looks at her bankaccount

  • John Wick is awesome. Doubly so when he's a Guest at a convention. Triply so when that convention has a 7th Sea LARP.

  • $228,000 funded of $30,000 requested. And climbing.

    A $40 better spent than Witcher 3? Maybe, maybe not, but it's done.

  • Pitcrew

    How different is the quickstarter stuff from the old version?

  • Attributes and everything are the same but the system is different. Instead of roll and keep you're rolling a handful of d10 (Attribute + Skill) and forming sums of 10. This essentially gives you a pool of points that you can spend to do stuff (overcome the action risk/achieve your intent and overcome any possible consequences). It sounded wonky to me at first but it works pretty well. At least in the quick start.

    The example in the rules is having to run across a room that's been set on fire. The risk is that you're running across a room that is on fire and the consequences of achieving that goal is suffering two wounds. So say you're character was going to just run across while dodging flaming debris you'd roll your Finesse + Athletics. You'd get a bonus die if it was the first time you'd used Athletics in the scene and could get another by spending a Hero point. You could also get a bonus die for "Flair" (describing what you're doing with style).

    So let's assume your pool comes out to 7 dice and you roll 3 3 4 5 7 7 9. You'd group them together like 9+3(12), 7+3(10), 7+4(11) so you'd have 3 raises as they call them in the game to do stuff with. You could spend 1 to achieve your intent (running across the room) and the other 2 to cancel each of the wounds you would have suffered. If you had any extra you could use them to help other players avoid the consequences of the action (but not achieve their intent/overcome the risk).

    For wounds there's a "Death Spiral" that tracks how many regular wounds you've taken and how many dramatic wounds you've taken. You can take a number of regular wounds equal to your resolve + 5 then you must take a dramatic wound. Each dramatic wound you take modifies your dice pools (sometimes in your favor sometimes not). Once you've taken 5 dramatic wounds you're rendered helpless and can be killed.

    Some of the nations have been altered (though beyond a change in sorcery I'm not really sure how) and they've added a new nation to the core rules, The Sarmatian Commonwealth.

    Off the top of my head those are the big changes I can think of. There wasn't a ton of info in the quick start guide.

  • Stupid drivethrurpg is broken for me.

  • My favorite things about this is how, unlike other RPG kickstarters that make you buy individual PDFs of old editions, or that only give you like... 4 of your choice? They said 'fuck it', flipped the table, and are giving you all of the old books.

  • @Jennkryst That is some violent and hostile generosity...

  • Pitcrew

    I just want someone to make a 7th Sea game so I can play my thinly veiled Scarlet Pimpernel rip off.

  • I see my TT group switching from Shadowrun to 7th Sea 2nd in the future.

  • Pitcrew

    @ThatGuyThere said:

    I just want someone to make a 7th Sea game so I can play my thinly veiled Scarlet Pimpernel rip off.

    Emushka Orczy ftw.

  • I like the system, seems great for Swashbuckling fun.

    I foresee it needing some hashing out of how to handle contested events. It has a lot of easy fun stuff, which can easily be used to make conflicts hard to resolve if a ST or player wants it to be. A lot of ways out, declaring new facts, new costs to another's action and so on.

    PC v PC action could get ugly without some strong guiding suggestions on how to let stuff play out.

    Example: Two characters are competing for the same thing. Both roll for successes. The one with more successes wins. Simple. Both can spend successes to reduce consequences from the specific action (racing through fire is their example). BUT the other person can declare many things after the winner goes. Examples were finding another way to escape, and taking something important from the winner.

    That could get nasty, fast.

  • The changes to the dramatic wound system are interesting. First dramatic wound means you get a bonus die per challenge. The second means that villains get two bonus dice against you. The third means you get successes easier (each group of 9 instead of 10). The fourth means that you are out, and can potentially be killed.

    The "groups of 10" system is a bit strange, but sure, I'll buy it. 9 + 9 is one success. But if you get one more die, it's impossible not to get 2 successes in that situation.

    So far, there are no ways to remove dice from your pool. If you roll 5 dice, you roll 5 dice, period. This means that you can accomplish grander and more impressive feats as you get more dice, through actions or support from others.

    Dice do not explode, which means there are no unusual situations of accidentally exploding the head of someone you're stabbing with a sword.

    So far so good. I hope schools of swordsmanship are revealed soon.

  • The Kickstarter has over 900k right now. This pleases me.

  • I am disappoint they didn't figure out how to connect Rokugan to Theah. For shame.

  • Pitcrew

    @Jennkryst said:

    I am disappoint they didn't figure out how to connect Rokugan to Theah. For shame.

    Yeah, but with AEG shedding it's RPGs it looks like John Wick was able to negotiate the rights for the long defunct 7th Sea but the more profitable L5R went to the more deep pocketed Fantasy Flight Games.

  • New Stretch Goal ($1,000,000) - Secret Societies

    I want this so bad.

    5 days left, $951,865. Kickstarter gives small groups deep pockets. Wow.

  • I am still for this but the reddit thread that is about the new editions is not encouraging.

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