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    Can someone take a screenshot of their spawn window in Potato and show me a correct setup that works? I read the directions and for some reason I can't get it right.

  • http://eightsixtyad.wdfiles.com/local--files/home%3Ahome/pagesevent.png

    Here you go .... spawn is done in global events, this has the window showing how it was set up and in the background you can see potato client with the spawned window (it goes below your normal world tabs).

  • Pitcrew

    Do channels work the same?

  • @Lotherio Wouldn't that setup take any incoming text that uses the word "pages" and throw it into a spawn window? You'd get pages into spawn window, sure, but you'd also get any pose that was like "...she rips out the pages of the book" into the spawn window as well?

  • Yes.

    It creates spawns for each world, not for all your window into one.

    And yes, that setup takes anything with the word pages in it and throws it into the spawn.

    Edit: I don't use spawns, nor spellchecker. Just showing how to do it, not the best way to do it.

  • Just a quick explanation... Potato reads each incoming block of text. If you have "contains" selected, it will reach the incoming block and search for a given pattern/word/whatever. It processes everything the exact same - poses, channel, pages, etc - so you need you need to set up a new event for each type of thing.

    Change that up just a little to make it " pages: " with the space on the end, and make sure the Case? flag is checked. There's still a chance that stuff will be pushed into the spawn window incorrectly, but it's a smaller chance.

    You'll also want to create a second, similar event, that's set to "From afar," so that it will capture the paged emotes.

    For channels, you can do <*> * and it will capture all channels that have < > or << >>. If you need, you can do [*] * as well.

    I had set all my stuff to spawn, but frankly I did not like it, so I removed it. Nothing wrong with Potato, just wasn't what I was looking for.

  • Oh! I forgot to add...

    If your OOC chat comes through as <OOC>, it will be flagged as a channel (since <OOC> is a lot like <Vampire>). You have a few options... First, if you channels are set up with brackets ( [Public] ) instead of right and left arrows, you'll be fine. Likewise, if your channels are set up with TWO arrows, you can set your event to read as <<*>> *. Second, if the above is not the case, you need to create a separate event for OOC! Create a new event, put in [OOC] * or <OOC> * as your pattern, and then do nothing else. If Enabled? is checked, and Continue? is not checked, the code will find the match and simply stop running.

    The last step is to make sure the OOC channel event is ABOVE the channel spawn event. If you put it BELOW, it will hit the channel spawn event before it hits the OOC event and thusly not work.

    Alternately, you can let your OOC feed into it's own channel, or whatever. I should probably compile this crap into a how to... Sounds like work, I'll do it later.

  • And this is why I stick to SimpleMU. It gives you a text box that lets you add multiples of specific text that you want to spawn into a single window from the same spawn setup. >.>

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