Best-In-Genre MU*?

  • On one thread recently, I was a proponent of a game which I'm a fan of the storytelling of, however, a number of people find the headwiz highly objectionable/crazy/etc. On another thread (hell, let's face it, dozens of threads over the last 15 years), one of the most populated and consistent games in MU* history, Firan, has been battered like a redheaded stepchild for its various flaws both real and exaggerated. Years ago, I ran a couple've games that were pretty damn successful in the Shadowrun genre, but also faced a great deal of vitriol over flaws both real and exaggerated. I seem to find a whole lot of threads here about why one-or-another game sucked, was corrupt, had too much drama, failed because of one reason or another, and the like.

    So I'm curious. What games, in each main genre, do people find to be (a) the best, (b) least filled with drama, and (c) long-time stable with a good populace OR built/staffed in such a way that they're expected to last a long time? I'm not looking for snowjob pie-in-the-sky MU* reviews because every game has flaws, it's all in what you're willing to ignore/overlook for a good game, so much as I am saying: what games do people find to be "model" games worth praise, emulation and/or joining because they're as good as it gets?

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    @Shayd I doubt you can get anything close to uniform answers. People will answer based on their point of view and timeline, naturally.

    I'd say my most fun time was on HM in the VampSphere. Carthians versus the world, with several really good roleplayers headlining their respective factions. Cut-throat politics in the total absence of a staff presence (in fact when staff did get into it they usually made things worse). I had a blast.

    Other people's mileage can and should vary.

  • Is this limited to games that are currently running or games that have existed in the past?

  • Oh, I don't expect any kind of uniform answers. What would be nice to see are reviews from people that include at least a somewhat-balanced view of the games they'd choose; sort of what I tried to do with Firan, BNW, and my own Shadowrun MU*s above. Lemme explain further: I am hoping people will acknowledge the sorts of things others find objectionable (Firan's corrupt staff, Elsa's crazy abusive nature, views of me as a narcissistic powermonger) whether or not you agree with them, but then tell us what you think makes it worth it.

  • Also--looking for current games, not nostalgia fueled recollections; hoping to find some good places to play.

  • @Shayd I think the best games (Lost Generation and Battlestar) I've played on had endgames in mind before they opened their doors. They weren't designed as perpetual motion machines with no end in sight.

    I do have fun in some genre games like shadowrun and star wars, but they're basically sandboxes with lasers and magic to me, trying to establish an overarching story that involves all players in such settings seems pointless to me, and I tend to get miffed when I try to do something and am told that Player X from Planet Y is doing that and I have to do it with them. What if I don't like rping with Player X? Why can't we both be scumbag criminals with our own ships and crew?

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    @Shayd said:

    Also--looking for current games, not nostalgia fueled recollections; hoping to find some good places to play.

    There's no way to escape nostalgia. How do you separate how the game was like from who you were at the time you played it?

  • You don't, but I'm more interested in "how the game is like since you're playing it now" :)

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    Honestly I know this will likely get me flamed but I am digging Fallcoast. Changeling sphere is active with periodic plots both player and staff run. RP is easy to find and for the most part the people are cool.
    As far as drama I have not really been involved in any though I tend to have good dumb luck in avoiding that directly.

  • Only ever really played nWoD MU*s, so can't really say anything beyond that I suppose. I probably ought to try more things.

  • Going to take one to the back of the head for this, but I really enjoyed the crafting system on Firan. I had a lot of fun with everything from farming, to forging, cooking, animal husbandry, perfuming, tailoring, jewellery making and the rest. I loved the act of creating an object, setting descriptions and then seeing others in game using that. So the staff were intolerable, and the circle jerks horrendous, but I had fun in my own little corner. Not found another place that has crafting like they did.

  • @ThatGuyThere OMG you are the worst ever for having your own opinion of that place and even worse for sharing it. Flamed.

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