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    I've played on a good number of places since somewhere around 1999. Rather than trying to dig up over a hundred+ character names, I'll just list a couple of main ones. I've been staff on various places as well, but have bowed out of doing that for at least a year or so. This is just the ones I can remember at the moment, I know there's more...

    African Tales Muck - Entwidemela, Kiapo
    Demi Haze - Kiza
    Tena Maisha - Ishara
    Lion King Muck - Wingu, Kizawaa
    Pridelands Muck - Aya
    Meadows Muck - Nova, Maka

    Ansible Moo - Gwydion, Kiritani, Lia, Anubis
    Shadow Moo - Dios, Ember
    Gargoyles Moo - Zia, Tucker, Chaos
    Starstones Moo - Kassi
    Harper's Tale Moo - R'yn
    Hogwarts Moo - Lochlyn

    Angelic Layer Mush - Mikage, Kiyoshi
    Pernworld Mush - Sorrin, R'owan
    Eventide - Sandra, Kaya
    Camp Half-blood Mush - Rowan
    Demigod Mush - Rowan, Seth, Andrea
    Chrono Muck - Kamali
    Magical Destiny: The College Years - Kyoko, Disarray
    Super Robot Taisen - Sinya, Alina
    Final Fantasy Mush/Mux - Wynter, Kira
    Final Kingdom Mush - Zia, Hati, Disarray
    Star Wars: Generations of Darkness - Aria, Rynn, Skritt

  • Umm it helps to tell us who you were on all of them too ;)

  • Pitcrew

    @Lithium said:

    Umm it helps to tell us who you were on all of them too ;)

    As I'd said, I've played well over 100+ characters, so going back and trying to remember or list them all is kind of more effort than I want to put in just now. In any case, I tossed in main ones I could remember, though it's probably only a small fraction of the ones I've played.

  • Well when I'd typed that it was just a list of MU*'s :) Carry on! I can't remember all of whom I've played in the 20+ years of my mu'ing career either so I understand.

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