Shayd's Playlist

  • 199?: Some goddamn Dikumud I played on.

    1996?-2000ish?: Shadowrun Seattle: Shayd (RP head-staff), Halo Jones, Shane WIlliams, others

    1999-2015: Firan: Marsyas, Garen, Pangaros, Quargle, Marsalos; also (v briefly) Andrew on staff.

    2000s: SR: Detroit: Shayd (RP director for a time); Victor Ivankov

    2000s: SR: Denver: Shayd (RP staff, briefly); Bili the Axe, Minos

    2016: Brave New World: Flash, Thor, Plastic Man, Steel

    I've been on other games: Battlestar Somethingoranother, Serenity, etc. but not for long enough for them to stick in my mind.

  • Hi Shayd! Player of Marsia (Firan) here. The one that tossed all your plans under the cartwheels and claimed Nydias with the marriage prize :D Damn that was fun; had half the game cheering me and the other half insta-hating me. Good to see you're still around.

  • That, my dear, was frickin HILARIOUS. :)

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