Guild Wars 2

  • So I've been spending some time playing this game lately and I'd like to do some endgame stuff! I've been running around with another MSB'er, but you need more than two for anything other than leveling (though that has been a lot of fun so far and we have a tiny guild now). We've got characters at nearly all level ranges as well as a few 80s, so if you play, or would like to play, send me a chat and I'll give you my gw2 id!

    ETA: We're on the Tarnished Coast server.

  • Pitcrew

    Wretchedscar.4796 I am on fairly often, and have one or two regular playing buddies. Tiny guild >This< Close to being unable to unlock a guild hall, just need enough people to do some guild missions.

  • MissDemeanor.9253 I'm part of LITH, KAOS, PKER, and HOAR. Always happy to help out with guild stuff or just world stuff. :)

  • apostatecd.6139 - I'm pretty casual these days, but I've been a commander leading WvW runs, I lead up dungeon runs, guild hall claiming missions, and sometimes those map sweep of HoT zones for hero points. If I'm on I'm probably free to help with whatever.

  • Tutorialist

    I'm Cobaltasaurus... uh something. :x But I don't play very much.

  • I used to play Guild Wars 2. Now there are so many features and functions in it I can't decide if it's an MMO or a mini-game simulator.

  • @Alzie Huh, what all features and functions are you talking about? I'm confused since that's almost the opposite of my take on the game compared to other MMOs.

  • I have to concur with Apos. Given all the 'extras' from WoW and SWTOR, GW2 is pretty stripped down.

  • @apos @Miss-Demeanor I'm kind of confused why you think it doesn't have a lot of features and functions. Daily log in rewards, Guild halls, personal housing, that silly slot thing for crafting, crafting itself, with heart of thorns elite specializations, core specializations, hero skills, the personal story, vistas, world v world, dynamic events, world bosses, fractals, 'renown hearts,' hero challenges, flying, pvp. Starting up the game is a chore. You're immediately assaulted by a ton of things you likely don't care about. Do WoW and TOR feature as many things? Yes. I also don't play them either.

  • Pitcrew

    Fuck these games and their content!

  • Yes.,.. damn all those things that you can completely ignore in favor of whatever the fuck you want to do! You aren't even assaulted by 90% of that shit unless you actively seek it out...

    EDIT: So, as I read it a second time, I just realized something. You're complaining about a game having objectives and options that you can choose to pursue or ignore at will. You know... Choose Your Own Adventure books had those exact same qualities....

  • @Miss-Demeanor Specifically, i'm complaining about the way it is presented. That is, all at once upon login. WoW does the same thing, as does TOR. I also stopped playing them. I liked all three of these games, I pre ordered GW2. It wasn't always like this. I don't dislike the content the game offers. I would like to be able to login and go about my business, choosing how I want to play, without having to first click ignore on the myriad of other content that they want me to play.

  • @Alzie I still don't understand what you're talking about. The ONLY thing I have to click past when I choose my character is the daily stuff. And that's literally two clicks. Okay to accept your daily reward, and okay to acknowledge what the day's dailies ARE. Is that really too much effort to expend to play a game that you want to play?

  • @Miss-Demeanor Whence I last logged in, I was presented with a World v World status screen, the daily reward screen that you speak of, A quest line reminder screen (I don't want to call it a recommended quests screen because it wasn't that, it was a screen telling me what quests I could start now regardless of usefulness) and black lion trading company notices. That's more than two clicks.

  • I have one simple question... how long has it been since you last logged into GW2? Because it sounds like the answer is... at least pre-HoT expansion.

  • @Alzie Huh, I'm honestly not sure what you mean, or maybe I just don't really notice it. The only pop up I can think of is the daily list, since it changes each day and it displays on the first character on a new day login. I mean I know of the other things but I have to bring them up, they don't come up by default so I'm not sure if that is a setting difference or something. That's striking to me since I think of gw2 as much more sandboxy than WoW or swtor (in that you largely can just run off wherever), and kind of more simplified than those 2, rifts, eq2, aion, etc. I think the one game that I can remember having like an obnoxious amount of log in spam pop up things was everquest 2, where I felt like I was closing 4-5 screens when I popped on, I can't really recall that for other games.

    Maybe I'm forgetting some, 'first time login, here's a tutorial to X' type things that's been eons since I've seen, now that I think about it. Those might be pretty annoying.

  • I'm fairly certain @Alzie just had a rash of 'haven't logged into the game in 2-3 months' pop ups happen. Which... well, that can happen if you miss the drop of an expansion plus at least 3 large patches and 2 seasonal event starts. I think if he logs in again within the week, he'll find he only has to deal with the two dailies popups.

  • I've added you folks to my in-game list! Also, it's because there are things to do that I'm interested in seeing what's out there. Running around the Silverwastes on the same circuit isn't quite my speed.

  • I'm on Crystal Desert, and in LITH. Harvenkarr.9486

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