A Phoenix in Iron: A Game of Thrones RPG in Google Docs

  • Premise (open to criticism and adjustment):

    It is the year 491 after Aegon I conquered Westeros. In the War of the Five Kings, Daenerys returned to her rightful place on the Iron Throne. With her Dothraki Army, her Unsullied, and the houses once loyal to the Dragons, she took Westeros. With her dragons and magic from the East, she ended the threat of the White Walkers with the help of the Night's Watch in a massive battle that collapsed the Wall. Daenerys reigned for thirty long and good years, with her nephew Aegon siring progeny on her.

    But over two-hundred years later, a crisis erupts. King Lucerys, the first of his name, is a lackwit. He is the last of the Targaryens. Years of Targaryen inbreeding have rendered him sterile, mentally disabled, and physicallyhandicapped. Dying at the age of thirty, Westeros is without a king. And they turn to an unlikely candidate....

    Malabhar Qho , the king of the Red Flower Vale in the Summer Islands, is part Targaryen. His grandmother, Rhaenerys, was given to his predecessor in marriage to seal an alliance between the Seven Kingdoms and the Summer Islands to stop piracy along the Narrow Sea. Envoys from King's Landing now go to the Summer Islands to offer Malabhar the crown, and to inform him that with this succession, he not only controls a kingdom, but an empire.

    But there are those in Westeros who question this succession. Talk of banners being raised from various families against Qho have been whispered. Qho has even converted to the Faith of the Seven as a gesture to assimilate, but there are those who say he will never be a true Westerosi. And while there was great cheering when Qho's banner - a red phoenix on a field of sky blue - replaced the Targaryen flag at King's Landing, several sneers in the crowd could be made out.

    It is a time of change and culture clash in Westeros. I'm open to suggestions. Ideas. Criticisms?

  • That says nothing about how you intend to run an RPG in Google Docs?

  • Which is why I am curious if people have ideas on how?

  • Pitcrew

    I've done scenes in Google Docs, mostly when there was major scheduling conflicts but I still wanted to RP with that person, or because of stuff with work on either or both sides making it easier. I don't at all know how you'd do a whole game, though.

  • Creator

    Plausible, and not impossible to run into a game on Google docs.

    Its actually fun. But I love this plot! ( putting us outside of the time of the books, Magic has been back for 200years, house Targ is dead... sort of.

    Westeros may have an King who knows nothing about his country... and was raised was different values and morals. It could make for a great story.

  • Pitcrew

    @BigDaddyAmin said:

    Which is why I am curious if people have ideas on how?

    Basically, Cirno's dream game in one neat package. Interesting.

  • @BigDaddyAmin
    I have run long scenes with up to five people in Google Docs (it's how we've handled some metaplot/travel events for our LARP), but I couldn't see an entire MUSH-style game being run that way. But for a small group of people, the document gives a good real-time addition and way to save masses of data. Just have your players and GMs pick a typing color and go to town.

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