Evolution of Esos- An RPI

  • Pitcrew

    No, it's not George Martin's Esos. It's an original world, currently set in the area surrounding the city of Kaiden, the last known human city on Esos. The humans have been pushed to the city by an extinction level event, most believe was magical in nature. As a result magic is feared, hated and rarely seen all at the same time. The humans have taken the city from the dwarven race, who after a number of years as second class citizens, inexplicably packed up their shit and left. An uneasy cease-fire is occuring with the elves to the south, where any misstep could kick off a war and possibly wipe the humans out completely.

    The Human race consists of five clannish families that control certain aspects of the city.
    The Nadu family: controls banking and fineries such as art and wine
    The Kavka family: controls the making of arms and armor
    The Kaden family: controls the military
    The Avasar family: controls farming and livestock
    The Sundown family: are hunters of exotic game and excellent scouts
    The unaffiliated: are usually people that live in slums and are usually the dregs of society.

    You can apply to be a member of any of the families or simply create a character and find work with one of the families or fend for yourself.

    This is a DIKU based Mud, so those familiar with this type of code will have an easy time adapting. The game is class/skill based, you have to choose a starting class, but you can learn any mundane skill in the game with practice. The world is huge. I've run out of graph paper a couple of times trying to map it out. The world is dangerous, there are some creatures out there that would love to rip you apart! The playerbase is fairly small, usually around 16-17 between 8-12am EST, but is looking to grow. The playerbase is also friendly and open to RP.

    Come check it out! Staff is really good about approving applications with a fairly quick turnaround.
    telnet eoemud.com 8888

  • Pitcrew

    Role call for EoE!

    1. A male Nadu who is interested in sales, fashion and being filthy rich.
    2. A Kavka enclaved worker grunt, this could be a fun support role for someone with limited time but wanting to do SOMETHING.
    3. A Sergeant of the Army, Kaden enclave blood. Either sex. TONS of options for appearance.
    4. An Avasar, male or female, who just wants to watch the world burn.
    5. A Sundown. Hunter, crafter, whatever. Someone who wants to just LIVE.

    All roles will be appropriately adjusted to their background.

  • @ThugHeaven wrote:

    1. An Avasar, male or female, who just wants to watch the world burn.

    You know us so well.

  • Pitcrew

    @Alzie My favorite group of wild and crazy guys!

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