Star Wars: Force and Destiny MUX

  • This is one of the projects I'm currently working on an it has hit a point where I'm comfortable looking for outside help to start moving into the next phase.

    I've recently finished the first stage of coding, the character generation system, and I'm looking to move into the next phase (hammering out the final theme, starting the grid building, and debugging the c-gen system). I've got some help already but I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else is interested.

    The game is looking to be set just after Episode IV and the destruction of the Death Star. It's going to focus on a small "Jedi" temple that was established at the end of the Clone Wars by a Jedi that escaped Order 66. I put Jedi in quotes because the Jedi that founded it vanished after feeling they made a mistake in founding the temple leaving the students largely to fend for themselves and find their own way.

    The themes I'm looking to explore are survival (the planet is a savage world filled with predators and what not), persecution (they are fugitives from the Empire after all), and exploring the force and what it means to be a Jedi (no one at the temple has ever been fully trained as a Jedi so they're finding their own way and perhaps rethinking what it means to be a Jedi).

    If there is interested I'd actually like to set up a second sphere centered around smugglers, bounty hunters, and things like that (Edge of the Empire stuff).

    Anyway, those are the thoughts for a a theme but they may change as we evolve. I have a few people helping me now but I could always use people who like to build or who would like to lend a hand once we go live. I'd really like a few people willing to maybe run scenes once or twice a week, some people willing to familiarize themselves with the FFG system for app reviews, and some general newbie helpers who would be willing to make new players feel welcome and help them navigate the system.

    I have someone working on a wiki now. So if interested feel free to PM me and we can talk. I won't be giving out the game address publicly yet because it's really not ready for people to just pop on to as it is just 2 OOC rooms and the character generation rooms but I can give it out privately to interested parties.


  • I might be able to help you with some building. Done it for several games over the past ten years so am pretty good at it by now. Drop me a message here when you get to that stage and will look into helping you out.

  • I quit mushing and said the only thing that might get me to end my hiatus is a FFG STAR WARS Mu. wonderful son of a bitch.

    EDIT: My availability is maybe 2 nights a week and scattered weekends. I'm not an "all day, all night, all week" MUer, but I have the Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny, and some module books, as well as a strong working knowledge of the system and setting. Send me a PM if you're looking for helpers, people to data entry help/news files, and whatnot.

    P.S. Apu is awesome. You will like her assistance.

  • I am here to offer all of the help. ALL OF THE HELP.

  • Yeah, the outpouring of joy and support? I hope you're feeling it. This is great news. CAAAAAAN YOU FEEL THE LOOOOVE TONIGHT...

    I would also donate my time to run scenes. Part of the reason I've been chomping at the bit to play a Jedi is because I really like to run Jedi training scenes. If you're interested, hit me up and I'll share my ideas/process with you.

  • I'd really be into some edge of the empire action.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm in for help building. Whatever you need, let me know.

  • Color me interested. I'll be even more interested as you build upon your spheres. I like this. This feels nice.

  • Also noting my interest, willingness to help run scenes, etc.

  • I'll help with all of the building, but will need another crash course in @dig code, because I always forget between instances of when I actually use it. Story-fu for the occasion I have free time for it.

  • Cool idea. I dig it. :)

  • I will admit it. I always wanted to play a Jedi. But I always found the MU*s that had so many fucking rules about who could be a Jedi and how many years they had to play that I fucking just didn't want to deal with Star Wars altogether.

    Call me interested.

  • Because it is set after Ep 4, you could also have Age of Rebellion! Excitement!

  • So, wow. I wasn't expecting this much positive feedback! Very exciting though. Since there's so much interest I'm going to just post the site address just keep a few things in mind that I would not even call us in alpha phase yet, I'd say we're "in development" at the moment. People are more than welcome to come, hang out, share ideas, and we can really start to get to work though. I'll be opening the character generation up for testing soon so the more people who are there to try and break it the better. :)

    You can connect at port 1979.


    How's this coming along, @ZombieGenesis ? Anything needed or an ETA?

  • They're coming. I don't want to give an ETA because we're still way too early for that but things are coming along.

    Character generation is nearing completion and I think I have a first draft of the theme just about done. So we're moving along. Once character generation is done I think things will start moving at a brisker pace. It's a lot of data input right now as I get all the specializations and species in.

  • @ZombieGenesis

    Like I said, hit me up if you need help building. I kind of groove on that (and been told I am pretty good at it), so would be happy to lend my aid getting a grid up.

  • Ditto.

  • This would be my kind of game. Thought I would stick to the Smuggler-type stuff, myself.

    If you want help, toss me a message. I'm available most nights (about to take a full month off for surgery). Have previous experience.

  • I came across this today and thought you'd dig it:

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