Happy New Year from Second Pass MUSH!

  • Pitcrew

    Did you get that dragon you wanted for Christmas? No? How about as a New Year's Resolution? Or would you like one for Valentine's Day? We can help! It's Treat Yoself 2015 (the best time of the year)!

    Treat yoself.
    Decaying technology!
    Treat yoself.
    Political unrest!
    Treat yoself.
    A possibly untimely demise!
    Treat yoself.
    Fire-breathing dragons!

    Treat. Yo. Self.

    Amid rumblings both in the ground and in the political arena, and with rumors of a mysterious condition that's killing off a seemingly cursed clutch of weyrlings, the golds at Azov Weyr are due to rise again. You know what that means. Baby dragons!
    Come on over to Second Pass MUSH and create a character to stand at our next hatching (an easy-peasy process detailed here: http://www.2pmush.net/about-the-game/search-and-weyrlinghood/), or choose from many other options. Solve the mystery of the weyrling dragon deaths. Help a Craft separate from the corrupt and floundering College. Get involved in some fishy firestone dealings. We'd particularly like to recruit someone for the Steward's office at Xanadu Stakehold, some flunkies for our dear and devious Lady Mina, and some ambitious master crafters. Our website is at http://www.2pmush.net/, and you can log in right from your browser, or point your favorite MUSH client to riverdark.net port 1234. Happy 2015!

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