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    This sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder how many of my characters/games I can actually remember.

    I remember my first MU* was DragonMUD; I was in middle school and obsessed with Les Miserables so I played as my favorite character, Javert. My boyfriend at the time played Gogol there and he was the one who introduced me to the platform.

    Then I took Javert to AnkhMUSH and built a Paris sector for Les Mis RP.

    I also played Mocky, a Mock Turtle (from Alice in Wonderland) somewhere... I want to say it later turned into a place called Seasons.

    I got drawn into a lot of Disney-themed places (Lion King, Robin Hood) while I was still young enough to kinda be into Disney and before I found out about the whole furry thing. That was an eye-opening experience, lemme tell ya. But I had a lot of cool characters I kinda half-remember, and did a lot of research on obscure African animals so I could play, at various points, a jerboa, an okapi, and a ratel based on Lenny from Of Mice and Men. I also once played an adult grasshopper for the exact lifespan of an adult grasshopper. It was a moving experience, I seem to remember. Also, one of my formative early characters was a donkey named Pylades on a Robin Hood style medieval game, who was basically Grantaire from Les Mis (with which I was still obsessed).

    I took a break from MUing when I went off to college and started tabletopping and LARPing with people in real time. I played a lot of World of Darkness games, and when I got back to MUing the first place I went was a Changeling game, I think. What it was called or who I played, I couldn't say. I also played on Achaea, a sort of MU*-with-stabbing-rats-involved, where I was a Satyr named Pylades the Cad (see above) who was a poet. I wrote about 50 actual poems as him, and some of them I even kept because they were OK.

    Next I found Star Trek MU*s. My first and favorite by far was Star Trek: Gibraltar. I played my space mutt (some seven or eight different species in various combinations, but mostly human/vulcan) engineer Bunni Aventino, my hypochondriac doctor L'Hannets Setlalaktsosi (10 years ago and I can still remember that name)... and possibly a third. On Among the Stars I pulled a brief stint at a doofy Bajoran priest whose name I don't remember. I also played on a number of those play-by-report Star Trek places, but they all kind of blurred together for me and the only characters I really remember pulling together were a Grazerite diplomat and a Bolian with Klingon tendencies.

    Then I jumped ship to BSG MUs because I got really into BSG when I was in grad school. Oh, all the BSG MUs. Can I remember them all?

    I logged onto Pacifica as a guest literally the day the game ended, and everyone looked at me like, 'Um...'

    I feel like there was one that was set pre-Cylon stuff on a planet-side station where I played the first iteration of the Priestling, but, anyhow...

    Genesis! My priestling in all her glory, Greje Karthasi. The fucking dialect I wrote for my rough and rustic engineer, Mopsus Doe (aka Snatch). My brief stint at the end of things as psycho killer Ettakana Gosling. Oh, what a game :)

    Kharon! Kissy Matto, developed entirely from a tarot card, and who would take up a great chunk of my brain and just live there for a few years. I also had the cylon-obsessed engineer sluagh, but that wasn't nearly as entertaining. Except for her weird mechanical spiders.

    Cerberus! I was seriously so sad about losing Kissy on Kharon I had to make him over again, in the form of Evan Doe. And while I was replaying my BSG greatest hits, I brought back the PRiestling for another run at her. And I smashed together the rustic boorishness of Snatch and the pure evil of Ettakana and got a marine named Lady, somehow.

    In the middle of all this BSG stuff I followed Faraday to a game set in Australia where I developed Carmine, a guy who had been raised as a girl for the sake of a circus act and who was just trying to make a living as a convict after having been framed for murder. Later on that character and her husband ran away from Australia to a different MU*, Sweetwater Crossing, which I remember fondly.

    I also dipped my toe into the Lords & Ladies genre, playing Igara Frey on Steel & Stone.

    After this I kind of faded off of the MU* scene for a little bit, while I was getting used to not being in college anymore and trying to make my way in the real world.

    Around the time I finally was feeling on track, I went back and started dabbling in the now-pervasive Lords & Ladies genre again. I tried to reboot Igara with Igdahn on Game of Bones, but in the end wasn't really feeling the reboot. Then it was Tales of Daeren with Kierne Kincaid, then Eternal Crusade with Bryad Arkanin, 'Stonewall' Atreis, 'The Captive Knight' Dacian and my courtesan Bes. Now I'm over at Kushiel's Debut with Josse Grosmaine (who's a lot like Kierne, but everyone here's like Kierne, so he really fits in and is sort of just an average horndog), my courtesan Bromot, and Bodeyn Adolphe, who's kind of like if Bryad from EC and Igara from Steel and Stone had a baby.

    What else am I missing? Oh, yeah! World of Darkness games. My fondness for World of Darkness generally sticks to tabletop, but I have been on a few WoD MU*s. I was Josephine and still occasionally am Nausi on City of Hope. I played on Oathcircle for a while and my Redcap Zenobia, who was a grump version of a childling Redcap I played in a campaign when I was in college, made me so sad I very nearly Nanoed her story this November. Also I played a shifter for the first time and my Gurahl Naomi was highly amusing.

    And I missed a couple iterations of BSG MU*s, but got back in time for Deimos' rise and flare out. I was Endymion there.

    Some others I remember but can't really place in my timeline:

    Lantern Hill: Etienne, Tabitha

    Pacific Rim: Reboot of Atreis from EC with the name Bunni as a tribute to my old ST:G char.

    Serenity: I managed to make the EXACT SAME CHARACTER twice with so many years intervening I had forgotten about the first time by the time I came around again. The first time it was a girl named Ino Mai An. The second time it was a guy named Juno. But aside from names and genders, basically the same person.

    Some Superhero Game: I played Clara Munch and I loved her so much I keep trying to go on superhero games to see if I can do something similar. But I never can get through CG anymore.

    Well, that's depressingly like a history of my entire life from middle school to present day in terms of what I've been up to online. I should make a list like everyone else has for the tl;dr version. Meh.

  • Matto! :smiley:

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    I just wanted to say Zenobia was creepy fun to rp with.

  • Hey there! I've RPed with Kierne on Tales of Daeren and with several of your alts on Eternal Crusade. Also... I had one scene with Juno on Serenity, if I recall correctly, when I played my weird female doc. I've always enjoyed scenes with you, you're an awesome player. Maybe our paths will cross again someday, somewhere. :-)



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    Zenobia was awesome.

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    Hey-a. Six months since I did this thing, six months and a bunch of new games. Time for an update!

    After things blew up on KD I started scouring around for new places to play. I found Mythara, which is largely focused on FCs from a bunch of TV shows I've never seen. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, stuff in that vein. I made a Wendigo, Harlow Tjader, based on my most recent One True Love, Hannibal.

    I also got contacted by someone I knew from back in Sweetwater Crossing, who invited me back to Game of Bones to give that game another try. My character there is Cayt, but I haven't really found my feet with him. I'll probably try something else, soon.

    I also got invited back to a place that was open, then closed, and is now open invite-only, so I probably shouldn't name it, but oh, my <3 does well knowing this place is here.

    I picked back up a place I'd played on last summer and I don't seem to have remembered it on my previous list. Another superhero place, I gave up on my Clara Munch dreams and made a dreamwalking hippie feels-hero named... well, Joss. Completely different from Josse, nomenclature merely a coincidence.

    Another couple of places I'm poking around, but nothing's really stuck, and I think I've got a full enough plate right now, considering that my summer is going to be busy busy.

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    I remember Zenobia from Oathcircle. I was Lan a pooka Air Pirate.

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    I miss you!

  • @tce Hey! Cool you're still around! Somewhat missed you on KD; or maybe just the fact that you /are/ on KD, where I joined three months ago! I am still a little on GoB, with my chars Lara and perhaps Thadeus, who might make a comeback. Would be cool, if I could catch you for a scene here or there!

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    @Lyanna Hey! Awesome! Yeah, you know who I am on KD now (It's listed up in the post above) so toss me an @mail so I know who you are :D

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    @Sunny Am... conflicted. Really miss our story. Really not a fan of how it ended :(

  • Hey! I remember you. I was Sofia and Lunair on BSG: Cerb. Sometimes I was a brat and I feel super bad about that.

  • @tce Ohh. I don't think I ever met Zenobia on Oathcircle, as I only made a Changeling-adjacent character towards the end, but I always enjoyed playing with Nausi as Ione.

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