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    Well, since I've pretty much outed most of my recent alts, let me just go ahead and list them so people can see. (Edit: And since it's been something like 2+ years since I originally wrote this, I suppose I should update it too).

    Haunted Memories -- Athena (Acanthus Guardian of the Veil), Billie (Ithaeur Blood Talon), Kazerabet (Moros Mysterium), Lilith (VampStaff Admin/aTL/TL at various points), Luna (Khaibit Mekhet OD Mysterysworn), Neve (Autumn Darkling Razorhand/Snowskin dual-kith), Viveca (Dead Wolf Gangrel OD Unsworn)

    St. Petersburg -- Elexis (Spina Daeva Lancea Sanctum Inquisitor/Primogen), had another one that was based on Therese/Jeanette Voerman from VTM: Bloodlines for the OD, but can't remember their names for the life of me)

    The Reach -- Alyssa Grennich (Bastet Heart-Ripper -- mountain lion), Callista Kross (Gorgon Ventrue Acolyte), Cassandra Gordon (Lynx Mekhet Invictus), Dulcinea Sangiovanni (Sangiovanni Mekhet Sanctified Inquisitor -- only lasted about 6 weeks and never played her), Ginger (Zelani Daeva Carthian Prefect/Primogen), Raven Roth (Winter Darkling Palewraith/Chirurgeon dual-kith), Shyla Roth (Amara Havana Daeva OD Mysterysworn), Viveca Roth (Amara Havana Daeva OD Mysterysworn)

    Reno -- Charley (Dead Wolf Gangrel Acolyte), Poker (Vampire admin)

    Fear and Loathing -- formerly Kala (Amara Havana Daeva Carthian); currently Charley (Dead Wolf Gangrel OD Mysterysworn-in-the-making)

    Fallcoast -- formerly Billie (Dead Wolf Gangrel OD Unsworn/Gangrel Priscus); currently Anastassia (Yagnatia Nosferatu OD Mysterysworn-in-the-making, among other things currently in the works), Corinne (Silent Celebrant Sin-Eater -- yes, I'm finally branching out again)

    There are craploads of superhero/superheroine characters from before that, as well as a fair bit of Transformers and some Star Wars as well, but this is certainly long enough. If people are really interested in knowing, those places include:

    Superhero: formerly Project Infinity (though I typically try to forget I played there), MetaMUX, Heroes and Villains MUX (both the original and the reboot attempt), SuperMUX/Millennium Heroes MUX, Brave and the Bold

    Star Wars: formerly A New Threat (another place I try to forget), Unsung Heroes; currently Rebirth

    Transformers: formerly TF2 (Legends of the Transformers), Beast Wars: Transmetals, Beast Wars: Shadow World (yet another place I try to forget, more often than not); currently Transformers Universe (TFU), Transformers 2005 (was a former, but they're giving the place one last shot before deciding to close it down, and I'm tinkering with a couple of prospects there)

  • Pitcrew

    Thread necromancy, yo.

    I updated things a little in my playlist.

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