New York City MU

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    Just curious, anyone doing anything New York City based?

    And the people involved are actually sane?
    (or at least willing to work together)

    Anyone want a real live New Yorker with an understanding of New York to build for them? Or storytell?

    Just saying.

    New World of Darkness (CoD, whatever it's being called) seems like the obvious choice, but if you've got another idea, I could hear it out.

  • Let's all make changelings and hang out at a place called O'Fortuna cafe!

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    New Yorker ^5

  • @Luna said:

    Let's all make changelings and hang out at a place called O'Fortuna cafe!

  • There was an NYC MU that was my first foray into WOD MUs (okay, it was really HM, but I never had RP there or felt invested)... it had it's issues, but they were their own, and probably avoidable. Most notably, make sure that one staffer doesn't RP as the sheriff of sheriff-equivalent for every sphere and try to grope or diablerize you in front of non-chalant prince/heirarchs.

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    Let's all make changelings

    [spontaneously turns into Chrysalis]



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    NYC is oft kicked around as a setting second only to New Orleans but both settings tend to have fatal flaws in terms of game longevity and staff taking on too much.

  • @AmishRakeFight

    I'm surprised we don't get more NYC games. If someone gets it vaguely wrong, we think of NYC to be more or less like Metropolis anyhow. If we removed Superman from it, then bam, done.

    This is not true for most other locations. Without staff pushing flavor and setting (normally that staff is build staff), it all becomes a generalized thought of a city anyhow, and if that city is Metropolis then there's little harm done.

  • I'd be down for it. Its an iconic setting, and people keep trying to push big city themes into any game anyway.

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    Hey Thenomain! It's Gabriel from Eldritch.

    I'm surprised too. And I'd totally get New York done right.