Radial Blur

  • Well I'm finally finished. I'm about ready to open and I'd like to start looking at filling positions. I don't want NPCs there, I want players there preferably. Here's a world map.


    It's too big to put in post, so you'll need to open it in a new tab. (4000x2000 to be exact)
    Vera and Alabrash are Al-malik holdings.
    Kax and Lisinos are Hazat holdings.
    The other 4 are local tribes.
    Vau is the Vau base on planet.

    Radial Blur is set on Taormina, a planet that the Al-malik settled with the help of the Hazat. The planet was discovered by an explorer near Cadiz. This explorer found a jump gate in active space depicting the planet and went through it, possibly a bad idea, to find the new planet ready to be colonized. The Al-malik seized the opportunity to carve new territory out for themselves. The Hazat weren't far behind. The planet offered an overwhelming supply of land and resources, making it a good place to settle. Charioteers came soon after. Of course, wherever Nobles go there will be Reeves, so not much later Engineers and Reeves popped in alongside the Brother Battle and Eskatonic Order. As it was the planet's stage was set. The Al-malik had established their capital city in Vera, a city that would become a staple for trade. The Hazat however, ever the militarily inclined, built their capital on an island. Easily defended and safe. The brother battle would establish their monastery on the island of Kax alongside the Hazat's capital city with the blessing of the local Hazat lords. The Eskatonics much preferred civilization and raised their cathedral in the capital city of the Al-malik lords. Time went on and all seemed fine. The local tribes were peaceful if not curious and distrustful of their new found friends, but they were willing to entertain trade and discourse, so at least there was no fighting. Everything seemed to be falling into place. Then the Vau came. In what would come to be called the Purging Hour, the Vau destroyed more equipment and human life than most Hazat would ever dream about. Then they just left, leaving the Al-malik and Hazat to limp back into their homes and find out that the Vau were jamming communications. Everything changed after that. The Vau seemed to be less hostile but they would show up every couple of years to attack and then back away. The local tribes had began to make regular incursions against the capital city of Vera for no apparent reason. Despite the belief that it would be easy to fight them, they found themselves in sudden acquisition of modern weapons, armor and training. The Al-malik and Hazat could only assume the Vau were behind it. In response, the Al-malik built Alabrash, a fortress wall and military base meant to prevent future incursions by the local tribes. The Hazat built Lisinos, a joint military staging area between the brother battle and Hazat soldiers. So far this is working. All hope was thought lost, but while the Vau dealt a devastating and paralyzing blow, now twenty five years later, Vera dispatches a message. The Charioteers and Engineers have finally managed to break the Vau jamming devices. They could now send a message out. The only question now is, who is going to respond?

    Count Al-malik - Ruler of Vera
    Count Hazat - Ruler of Kax
    BB Master - Head of the local BB Abbey
    Eskatonic Magister - Head of the Cathedral in Vera
    Consul Charioteer - Head of the Charioteers on Taormina. HQ in Vera.
    Engineer - Head of the Engineers on Taormina. HQ in Vera.

    These are the major ones. The ones with the most pull on what happens.

    Other Notes
    The only guilds represented on the planet currently are Charioteers, Engineers and Reeves, so other players can start up the other guilds and run them. Other religious orders aren't currently represented nor are other noble houses. You can start with land.

    So basically if you want to hit one of the head honchos as your concept or want a concept that's above the normal and want to integrate them into the backstory now's the time. You can email me or just post it here or pm. Or email radialblurdesk@gmail.com. I'll get it there too. It creates a +request. Or just go to radialblur.vertinext.com/request

    Game is at radialblur.vertinext.com 4000

  • I wish I knew more about Fading Suns... then I'd have yet another distraction from coding and writing...

  • Pitcrew

    Please check your tickets on the main website. Kinda important code issue there.

  • @deadculture I forgot to copy over a file.

  • I saw not one use of radial blur. Also, not enough lens flare.

  • @Alzie

    Just so you know, it seems your websocket url is not set up right; the webclient does not seem able to connect. If you don't want to support webclient connections, you should probably deactivate it completely in settings and remove it from your http://radialblur.vertinext.com/ homepage.

  • @Griatch I'm not sure why, but a lot of things got reverted. I'm probably the cause of this. But the web socket client was disabled. I'm also not sure why it doesn't work but I don't really have the inclination to fix it.

  • @Alzie said:

    @Griatch I'm not sure why, but a lot of things got reverted. I'm probably the cause of this. But the web socket client was disabled. I'm also not sure why it doesn't work but I don't really have the inclination to fix it.

    If you do decide you want the web client, it's likely a simple fix; the client even reports the error and the suggestion for how to fix it.

  • @griatch It's failing to connect. Even if I'm trying to connect on the same machine it's running on. I thought it was an ip table rule failure, but apparently not since it was added to ip table and still fails. But yeah, i'm sure if I really looked hard enough I could find out why. That's a project for later.

  • Yay, Fading Suns! The game I lost my role playing virginity to.

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