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    I found an archive that y'all might find useful. It's not WORA, but it's out there


  • Tutorialist

    Oh! My +Events code is there! AWESOME! Thank you for finding that!

  • I forgot I gave Gwen our chargen code. I'm glad she got a copy of a workable FATE code, since she had been asking me about it for a while (apparently, according to the email I had registered at WORA that I checked like a month ago).

    Also, Thenomain's github has everything (more or less) that a nWoD MU* needs: https://github.com/thenomain

    Coventry/Chime's github has updates to anomaly jobs for forum archiving: https://github.com/lashtear/jobs-archive

  • @Cobaltasaurus said:

    Oh! My +Events code is there! AWESOME! Thank you for finding that!

    @Cobaltasaurus, I've been maintaining and improving your +Events code for a while now, you dork.

  • Pitcrew

    I still can't find a simple frickin' hotel code. I suck.

  • I have at least two CharGens I wrote in there! Yay!

    What sort of hotel code, @il-volpe?

  • Pitcrew

    @Whirlwind -- Just something where players can type a command to claim an existing room as their own, and something like 'Area belongs to Bob' ends up in the little space of 'special info' that my room-parent has, where it tells you if there are places or +views. And the info about who's claimed what also ends up on a directory object that I keep in my staff office or whatever. And to allow them to unclaim said room. Also, to allow nobody else to claim a claimed room, and to allow staff (and only staff) to set a room as belonging to a non-player-phrase ("Area belongs to House Targaryen"). And rooms have to be set to be claimable, so not every area on the grid does this at all.

    I got some code I was going to mod, but it does tonnes more than I want or need and I haven't slogged through it, not feeling confident that I can do it without it taking a great deal of time for me to make a barely functional mess.

    Edited to add: By the by, when I asked Faraday if she had this floating around, she said no but that lots of people had asked, so it's possible/likely that several games would be grateful for one that plugs into Faraday's Penn release all tidy-like.

  • @il-volpe I've done something along those lines where you have a Hotel building that is mostly hallways with exits that go nowhere. If you try to go through an exit that goes nowhere, it @digs a room to go on the other side with everything set up (and tells you to try it again, now that a room exists). If one of those rooms is ever unclaimed and empty, it just destroys itself and goes back to the way things were.

    I know I've done a variant where the rooms are set Chownable upon creation and, if a room/exit combo is owned by a PC, their name ends up on a +tenants list sort of thing.

    Shouldn't be too hard for someone to take that and tinker with it to fit your needs?

  • Pitcrew

    Well, I don't want it to dig rooms or chown them, or let people redesc them. I don't really want it for hotels, it's just that similar-ish code is used for 'em. It's for all the IC residences.

    The grid is this one area of GoB where I allow myself to be a control freak. The city the grid represents is ancient. So I want it to be stable, and I let myself get all anal about the descs so that if your room is on the northwest side of the building, the line that reflects the view from the window is correct. etc. Sometimes I'll do a new build for someone, but ICly, that house/whatever has probably been there for hundreds of years. When a PC leaves, that build stays and somebody else moves in.

    What happens, though, is that I lose track of who lives where, which makes it awkward when new PCs are looking for housing. So I want a directory for myself that's more or less auto-generated, so I know what residential grid-rooms are unclaimed, and I want people who are exploring the grid OOC (an acceptable behavior) to look for empty digs to be able to tell if they're occupied.

  • @il-volpe

    Ah! Ok. That sounds more like a +work thing that I worked up once.

    Idea being that if someone wants their character to work at Joe's Garage (or wants to open a second garage and wants to know what PCs are their competition), they can do a thing that officially tags them as working there. In checking what amounts to the +finger for Joe's Garage, you get the names of the folks who've said they +work there, and if you check the +finger of those various folks, you'll see Joe's Garage listed.

    It's pretty simple. The downfalls are when folks don't do the paperwork to do the +work/+unwork things when they start/stop working at a place, as well as when folks wax idle and/or are deleted (pretty much the same problems when folks don't update the Position or Age fields in their +fingers, but with the problems throwing spanners into a database).

  • Tutorialist

    @il-volpe I can write you up an incredibly simple +directory code. I used to do something like that on DW for the various apartment buildings that were there. In the 'main room' of the apartment building there was a +Dir code. It listed who lived in what unit. It did it by telling me if the exit into the room was @chown'd to someone. I could always change this so it picks up a 'resident' or 'owner' flag.

    Do you want it to be basically a private listing that staff sees? So you can do something like: +dir or +housing and pull up a list of all residences and who owns them / if they are available?

  • Pitcrew

    I'd be most grateful, @Cobaltasaurus.

    I want it to do what I said above. My thought was that it would just be a stafferly object that doesn't need commands to read it or anything; I'll just look at the attributes listed on it. I hadn't thought about a +dir for players, 'cause I actually try to maintain a list of available places on the wiki, and will still do so. (IC social-structure shit means you're probably looking for a completely empty house, or you're looking for a room in a very specific house, and a +dir that shows every ownable place on the grid will be a bit to slog through.)

    I don't want it to @chown anything, the entire grid belongs to the builder bit and I'm determined that it stay that way. Rooms that can 'belong' to PCs should just have a &ownable=1 (that I must run around and set on everything in the grid I want to be ownable, and if I have to add that to the directory's list by hand when I do it, that's okay) and a &owned_by=Bob. Or 'resideable' and 'resident' or whatever. The directory should tell me every ownable room's &owned_by, even the blank ones, and the room should display the &owned_by somewhere when you look at it.

    I'm sure (and have been told I'm right about that) that it's dead simple to someone who's not an incompetent like myself, but I expect I'll have to muddle through modifying something else. @Whirlwind (thanks!) offered something easier for me to grasp than what I've got, which is much more featureful than what I want and doesn't do the simple bits that I do want.

  • Tutorialist

    Do you have a room parent already? That's the first thing we can edit really fast so you can at least get that in room descriptions. Plz to paste the room parent info here, and I'll give you an edit.

  • Pitcrew

    That I know enough to do myself, it's the +claim code for players to do it (actually, I could do that, too) and the simultaneously getting it on directory object that I want. It's Faraday's PennMUSH (1.8.5 patchlevel 5). You've probably seen it 'round. http://lynnfaraday.github.io/MUSH/addons/

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    Oh! Uh. You're on pennmush. Okay so this might not work. Actually, I'm going to drop this into a new thread.

  • This is apparently being maintained in a limited fashion as well, since it has more recent things too, like Cytheria's system for Exalted mu's.

  • Pitcrew

    Gwen is pretty much the bomb. I hope she shows up around here; she occasionally did pop in on WORA. Great lady, great coder. Once upon a time back when I could code, it was her stuff that I tore apart to figure out how it worked. Good stuff. Thanks for posting the link!!