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  • The Realms Adventurous is a game of high fantasy, low magic, set in the time of King Arthur Pendragon. Utilizing the rules of the same name, we seek to follow the dynastic stories of knights and their families, the nobles and ladies of the courts. Chargen is open to members of other classes, commoner and clergy alike. We plan to have regularly scheduled events aside from just feasts and tournaments, but these will occur regularly as well. If you want to partake in knightly adventures, mystical quests, battles of conquest and glory, and possibly indulge in courtly intrigue, we may have what you seek.

    We are currently opening for alpha phase play. The systems are still being hammered out, but chargen is up and running and basic systems allow for play already. Our center of play is in line with the core rule book, we are focused on the county of Salisbury and our PC knights and nobles will be vassals of Earl Robert, son of Roderick de Salisbury. We start play in 514, on the heels of Arthur’s victory over Lot and the twelve renegade kings. It is the eve of his wedding to Gwenevere as we begin play.

    Please join as at:

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    Do y'all have a website/wiki?

  • Sure do, apologies for not including it:

  • Ok, I'll bite. I'll be on later

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    Which edition of Pendragon? Are you going to follow the official Pendragon campaign closely or are you creating your own campaign? Finally, are you going to allow female knights or are you going to stick heavily to theme and make them unique/nonexistent?

    Pendragon is one of my favorite thematic systems, and I have been curious to play a MU* based on it.

  • If you allow female Knights, will you allow their husbands to potentially have the wife's blessings? Or perhaps alternate Husband blessings?

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    When I logged on, they told me that female knights are allowed.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Sorry all, unexpected popularity of the place so far, I was expecting a couple a day, not for it to fill up so fast.

    We are using 5.1 rules, these are the easiest to maintain, Greg Stafford still has the PDF available for sale.

    We start in 514, up to this point, its the Great Pendragon Campaign yes. Female knights are allowed yes. We will follow this campaign, but will allow for changes once we get under way. We're not going grand scale. We're starting in Salisubry, everyone is picking from the 20 starting manners, basic starting rules for 5th edition.

    Misadventure, depends what you're referring to by having the other's blessings? No direct mechanic in this system involving blessings for spouses. But maybe you're meaning something I would know under a different context?

  • Somewhere is the many prior books of the Pendragaon RPG, there are mechanisms that detail the running of your manor, allowing you to apply treasures from adventure and war to upgrades etc. Related to that is the idea that a Wife might have some special feature. Some are excellent Stewards of your household, some have healing knowledge and so on. To me it's not much of a big deal, BUT some folks, when running female knights, have been denied the access to such benefits because its only for wives according to some. So I asked. It certainly doesn't matter if no one has access to spouse blessings.

  • In current core, the only bonus one gains from a spouse is that they net each other's glory just once. The spouse bonus may be from the supplement, such as Book of Manors or Book of Estates; not looking to include these. The only inference currently is wife's stewardship may be used, and this goes both ways, I imagine the higher of the two would be used feasible. Still an experiment, not sure how folks will adapt to rapid timeline and Winter Phase. If they really get into home upkeep, Book of Estates may be worth a look, and if the bonus was in there, it wouldn't be denied.

  • Pitcrew

    The Wifely blessings that Misadventrue refers to, where first introduced in the first Edition of The Pendragon Campaign in 1985. I know they also appear in 3rd ed as well.
    Not sure about any of the newer editions, though I don't think any of theme were significant enough either way to be cause for issues.
    Edit due ot this thread and seeing an add for the game I was lookign through my copy of 5th edition, not sure if it is 5.1 or not had it a while but on page 41 it does list womens gift and provides a random roll for them.
    Pretty (+10 APP)
    Natural healer (+5 First Aid and +5 Chirurgery)
    Good with animals (+5 Falconry and +5 Ride)
    Beautiful voice (+5 Orate and +5 Sing)
    Nimble fingers (+10 Industry)
    Caretaker (+10 Stewardship)

  • Pitcrew

    Too bad you can't combine them. I'd combine Good with Animals, Beautiful Voice, and Caretaker so that when she sang the nearby woodland creatures would come and help her out with her daily chores. ;)

  • Pitcrew

    Whoa you're doing the timeline? I wasn't expecting that.

    This game might be interesting for once.

  • Thanks ThatGuyThere, spouse blessing sounded like something a knight got from marriage in helping maintain their manors and holdings, and I think in prior editions, or a supplement, one would make stewardship for managing economics in winter phase.

    Woman's gifts are not in the game, and nether are inherited traits by family, simply because the random bits in char gen can create some disparities between players.

    Currently, lady's are presently using the basic knight chargen sans knightly profession skills. Likewise so are commoners. Altered it a little, because someone will always want a commoner. Opted for craft and profession. Chirurgery, Industry and Fashion are out, but can easily fall under craft and profession .... fashion in craft, someone can certainly help apply accessories and such, help with hair, fashion as a profession, the dressmaker can do their thing. Industry to either, doing something that gains fame, making that tapestry for the king via craft, the lutist playing at a special event, can gain glory for these characters. Chirurgery goes into profession, as long as its specified in the app process (this one is a hard choice, because if affects wounds and healing and making it off the battle field in one piece, especially when your minor injury goes critical cause the squire put his finger into the hole and made it worse).

    That all said, there is an expressed interest by a small majority to put in the actual lady chargen, but woman would not be required to go that route. Female knights still welcome, and lady's can go more towards the 'man' side, not trying to make that distinction. This would be optional, not required. As females can do normal male chargen, males can opt to do female chargen if they like. I hate using gender specifics, but its time period appropriate. And the chargen is pretty simple right now, not hard to to mirror it out and make a sheet template that populates based on the chargen one chooses to look like the lady char sheets versus the standard knight sheet.

    Literally, playing by ear in alpha to see how it goes. Working out chargen ideas and seeing how to work on planning for winter phase to make it run quickly behind the scenes.

  • Hopefully people will try out bad situations and failed Virtue checks and all that. Striving against fate and ones worse side makes for great stories.

  • Yes, timelines in their for the families, figured players would like more to build off of for past than xd20 multiplied by one hundred for starting glory. Added in the early years of the Great Pendragon Campaign to bring us to our starting time.

    I so hope people actually play out some of their traits and passions, especially the failed virtue rolls (and check on vice, to get a crit!). The best stories always come out of failed rolls on most games I've played, and they have failure belt right into the system

  • May I suggest that the wiki or something have some suggestions and details to help people play through failed virtue and passion checks (when they are critical at least) so they don't fall into the old approach of failure just means nothing happens. Players should be able to own those moments for narrative purposes, and story and character development.

  • Yes, this is a brilliant suggestion, I need to make traits its own page that explains this actually. Thank you.

  • You could even have players submit examples, either as logged, or just a description of what they did. Crowd sourcing can be helpful.

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