Art sales..?

  • Alright you fellow art-people...

    Where do you sell your work? Anyplace that can still do commissions in the same place?

    Other than Etsy. Etsy is killing me.

    Suggestions? Comments?

    Thanks guys!

  • I've never looked into it personally (my art sucks too hard to ever consider selling) but I know DeviantArt has a print shop you can sell prints through. Not sure if you have to be a member of the site or what, but it might be worth looking into.

  • DeviantArt is very big, I've bought art from there in the past (including my own artwork for framing). Can't imagine you need an account to buy but you may need one if you want to contact an artist and commission something.

  • I'll definitely have to re-check out DeviantArt prints and such. I've heard mixed reviews about all that.

    A coworker did suggest I list my prints (if they do this) on the new Amazon Handmade website, and keep my special orders on Etsy. Might look into that, too. Amazon Handmade looks like it has a lot of potential for exposure, too.

    Probably should have preambled my original post with : I'm looking to sell my own artwork somewhere, other than just on Etsy.

    I've noticed a lot of artists sell their stuff so cheap, too. How the hell does anyone make a living off of this? No wonder there's the stereotype of a starving artist. Crazy people.

    Anyhoo... Thanks again! And thanks for reminding me about the DeviantArt prints! =D

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