Enforced line returns in say/pose?

  • I have seen discussion of code that enforces/injects a line return into global says/poses(/emits)? Can someone point me to that? I cannot seem to find it for someone on the Rhost dev site asking for such functionality.

    As a related note, @Thenomain, do you have a git repo of your code that I can point people to? I am going to add some 'Helpful Resources' links to the Rhost git site, and plan to include Volund's suite.

  • Pitcrew

    Like puts a blank line between poses/says? Faraday's suite has +autospace which players can toggle on and off to have that if they want.

  • Found it and passed it on, thank you. Adding Faraday's to the Rhost github page.

  • It's also pretty simple just by itself.

    &posebreak Hook Database <HD>=[if([match([xget(%#,posebreak)],1)],[pemit(%#,%b)])]
    @hook/before (or @hook/after) say=<DBREF of Hook Database>,posebreak

    From there, a player can just &posebreak me=1 to turn it on, or 0 to turn it off. Or you can make a command that does it for them as well. Or you can just remove the necessary attribute if you don't want it turned off, like so...

    &posebreak hd=[pemit(%#,%b)]

    Then @hook it appropriately before or after.

  • This was the crux of my answer to the person, Bobo. Thanks for the round-out!

  • @Rook

    Look for Thenomain on Github. What you are looking for is "Support Systems".

  • Yes, it too is added to the Code Resources page. Thanks, Theno.

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