Tanyuu's Playlist of Cats

  • I lurk here for purely research reasons I swear, but I figured I'd go do a second post.

    Active(ish???) Cats:
    Enoha, Arisa@PersonaMush

    So there's not much, as I am helping with a thing. And opening a character idea file for any MU* concept that I hear about. So that's me.

    @Ineffable: Nagi, Jaci, Kino
    @Jipang: Many OCs I don't remember, Ran
    @Xenogears: Rani
    @YAHMux: Molly, Nagi
    @Gate: Nagi Kuzunoha
    @Match of the Millenium: Shurui
    @Battle Fantasia: Akemi
    @Black Gate Mux: Elaine, Kino, Yui, Nagi
    Others: Too many that I can't name and don't have logs for, due to unfortunate hard drive failures.

    tl;dr I've been RPing on various MUs for way too long and i've forgotten everything, i'm so sorry
    also if i have somehow pissed someone off in my journey towards being an adult i am sorry for that too

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