Guild Wars 2

  • Pitcrew

    So for those unaware, GW2 is now play for free (the base game costs nothing, having an account and playing it costs nothing, it's just if you want the xpac that it costs anything).

    If anyone is playing around with it and hasn't found a home guild, PM me with your account name and I'll add you. I'm midst turning the 'just for me' guild into an actual one, with both some online friends and some folks from offline. Nothing impressive now, but it'd be good to have some folks.

  • I've been on GW2 from day 1. Have a guild already, but I'm always happy to run about with people, help level up, anyone looking for map completion is welcome to ask questions, run fractals or dungeons... and I can hook people up with some awesome wvw folks for those that are interested. About the only area I haven't really delved into is pvp/spvp. :)

  • I play GW2 on and off, I could meet up with people. Depends on the server though. I'm on Crystal Desert.

  • Server doesn't matter anymore unless you're big into WvW. They started using 'megaservers'. Basically, anyone can be on any map from any server at any time. :) No more needing server transfers just to play with your friends!

  • @Miss-Demeanor
    Oh well that's a plus! I haven't kept up with the last few patches since there were so many leading up to the new expansion.

  • NP! It actually happened a year or so ago, but I didn't notice it until more recently when I was in Rata Sum and saw people from a rival wvw guild over at the TP NPC's. XD Asked a guildie about it and got told it was part of one of the big updates they did way back when.

  • Yeah definitely slipped by me then.

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah, it's really nice. My guild is spread across a number of servers, because that's where people were before. It makes things super easy. If you end up in a different instance than people you want to group with, it's a simple 'join in X area' click.

  • I like to use the 'Teleport to Friend' items. I have entirely too many of them. XD Plus, it lets me teleport from different maps.

  • Tutorialist

    I am Cobaltasaurus.3508, if anyone wants to be friends with me. (T_T) I may or may not be an active person. Using a free account right now, undecided if I'm going to upgrade to full/get the expansion (I'm also curious as to how much it is if you already bought the game how much it is to get the expansion).

  • Its $50 for the original game, $50 for the expansion. If you buy the expansion, you get the original game packaged in. :) Its still $50 if you already own the game, but people that did got extra.. something. I can't remember what it was, but if you'd bought the game before August 2015 and then bought the expansion you got like an extra character slot or something.

  • Pitcrew

    Soon. I can start playing again. Soooooonnnn. I'm relatively new to it, I can attest Miss Demeanor is very helpful! Though forgets that I don't have the Lore and quests memorized, so is always hurrying me along. :D

  • Only cause I want you to hit 80 quick as you can for the expansion and Halloween events! You can get the lore later, those people aren't going anywhere and you can speak to them at any time from any other bit. ^_^

  • Tutorialist

    I have the expansion now. A guild mate bought it for me, oh-so-generously! So I have it to play with folk if they want.

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