ZMO/Personal Channel code?

  • Does anyone have non-gamewide channel code that players can set up and use privately? I have been asked about this and do not have any, myself, but know that I've seen it out in the wild. The idea is to have object-based 'channel' functionality (speak/pose, history nice to have) that uses a member list off of an object. No master room, no wizard powers, so if players have to be part of a zone, so be it.

  • I coded one for Haunted Memories once, before they turned off player access to @pemit.

    Then I coded one for The Reach for the Changeling's Winter Court members who were tired of staff harshing them on the Winter channel.

    Then I created a 'say()' function because this kind of thing comes up more often than you might realize.

    I don't have anything global, but it should not need zones. You might need to go to a '=<channel name>' convention, which makes me shudder with six billion demons poking needles in all my squishy bits. If nobody reveals one later, I'll see about it.

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