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  • As it is officially a thing, here's my playlist:

    Trystan@Paris: Les Fleurs du Mal - Mortal Cop - No Longer Active
    Trystan@CrackMux (Mortal Cop turned Ratkin) - No Longer Active
    Saverio@Metro (Assassmite Vampire posing as a Ventrue) - No Longer Active
    Unknown Staffer@Metro (Can't remember the bit name) - No Longer Active
    Kyoshi@Due Rewards (Ratkin) - No Longer Active
    Psycho@Bloody Roses (Staff) - No Longer Active
    Unknown@Ashes to Ashes (I've apparently had a flare-up of Can't Remember Shit) - No Longer Active
    Guildenstern@Ashes to Ashes (Staff) - No Longer Active
    Aidan@Depraved Creations (figured it out...Virtual Adept Mage) - No Longer Active
    Tristan Wagner@Haunted Memories (Mortal Department of State Security Agent) - No Longer Active
    Kaden@The Reach (Psychic turned Arrow Mage) - No Longer Active
    Father Markus Renner@The Reach (Malleus Hunter turned Geist) - No Longer Active
    Prescott@The Reach (Storm Lord Ithauer Frat Boy) - No Longer Active
    Breccan@The Reach (TFV/Union Hunter) - No Longer Active
    Tomeu@The Reach (Silver Ladder Moros Mage) - No Longer Active
    Pripyat@The Reach (Staffer: Mage Sphere Admin) - No Longer Active
    Darmstadt@The Reach (Staffer: City/Social/University Admin) - No Longer Active

    This stretches back to 1994....I've probably forgotten a few more, but meh.

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    @GunbunnyFuFu said:

    Kaden@Depraved Creations (I can't remember this bit for the life of me, but the SO says I was there..Euthanatos Mage) - No Longer Active

    You certainly were there. You were my Etherite's best friend and Cabalmate. Remember Samantha?

  • Looking back through logs provided by the SO, there is no way I was Kaden...I remember having a character there, but I can't remember for the life of me WTF it was. Going back through logs...maybe I'll figure it out.

  • I've updated the Depraved Creations bit to Unknown until I figure it out...Alas my failing memory!

  • And....two minutes later I find my log. Aidan Danners. Sorry for any confusion.

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