A Sweepy Playlist

  • Pitcrew

    TF2005 MUSH (2006-2013)
    Sunder the Sweep OFC (until 2008), OC (until 2009)
    Rampage (2007-2012 with a break in between around 2010)
    Gnaw (2008-2009)
    Warpath (2010-2012 - reportedly the best Warpath they ever had, because I consistently kept up Warpath's cybertronian equivalent of Tourette's way of speaking. I have this way of "channelling" the characteristics and personality of cartoon-based FCs.)
    Greg MacLeod EDC Human OC
    Sit-Com Junkion OC (2009-2013)
    Nosecone (2009-2012)
    Slugfest (2010-2012)
    Thrust (2012)

    Transformers Universe MUX (2009-current)
    Wild Bill

    Transformers Dark Ages of Cybertron (2009-whenever it shut down)
    Starscream (the second one)
    Arcee (not at the same time as Starscream but after, during the tenure of the third Starscream, who was Windshear@2k5. Also the ONLY time that I've ever played a female character, despite being a female IRL LOL)

    Mega Man MUSH (M3)

    Bolt Kraken (2009-2011/12ish, whenever they changed things around so much that Maverick Hunters didn't fit in)

    Star Wars Edge of Destiny (current)

    Star Wars Generations of Darkness (2014-current)

    XMen Flame of Darkness MOO (current)
    Sunder the Morlock

    Transformers Robots In Disguise (the one that just closed down)

    Transformers Lost and Found (current)

    There was some controversy surrounding my playing of Sunder @ 2k5, Gnaw @ 2k5, and Slugfest @ 2k5. With Sunder, a puritanical element thought I was playing him "wrong", because I interpreted the back of Scourge's box tech specs that the Sweeps were a "wolf pack" a bit more literally than most. I had Sunder literally hunting down Autobots and attacking them, one-on-one when there were not so many Sweep players available that we could have gone after one lone Autobot as a "pack", and I got lots of repeat-business RP that way, with multiple players telling me they loved my portrayal of the Sweep. Other (jealous) players, like Fusillade, complained that Sunder was "attacking helpless autobot (OC) medics all the time". Others (like Fleet and Catechism/Contrail) complained Sunder was acting too "feral", but they were incorrectly using the term, as they were afraid I'd import the concept in my fanfic of "feral Sweeps" which are non-sapient and act like beasts. Then there was the joke one player (Thrust from around 2008) made about "Sweepcubs" (which are also in my fanfic but which I never incorporated into my RP) that grew legs and ran all over the MUSH, which I thought was hilarious but other players were not amused, one (TP Staffer Americon) going to the lengths of incorporating a "Sweepcub" in a fursuit in a tinyplot for the 'cons to destroy a planet called "Furr'eh" and slaughter its inhabitants, including the aforementioned "Sweepcub". I think it was Americon who also complained that Sweeps were "too furry", whatever that means.

    Gnaw was a TP character, so I only had him for a year, but again, the usual suspects complained I was playing a damn SHARKTICON wrong. They said he was too much like a "puppy". Sharkticon's brains are in their stomachs. It even says on his box tech specs that he's loyal to whoever fed him last. If "begging" for food while in Shark mode is puppyish, so what? That's what Sharkticons do. Food is generally dangled above them and then dropped to them! So to base Gnaw's actions on how hungry he is, and what Sharkticons in canon do when anticipating being fed, is perfectly reasonable. However, the manner in which the TP staffer at the time (Americon) decided to pull the character from me was sneaky, and involved some egregious powergaming and powerposing on both his and Shockwave's part (Shockwave played by Blitzwing/Boomslang, who later played Swerve).

    Slugfest was accused of being "too cute", and it is true that tiny stegosaurs are adorable. I tried to incorporate his habit of super-destructive temper tantrums, but that only works on a trigger (someone has to be talking in a way that makes Slugfest think the mech is talking bad about HIM), but I didn't want to do that too often because mechs that do things like that too often it gets old and boring. I chose an angle where Slugfest desperately wants to be liked, which is the source of his paranoid lashouts, to minimize the incidences, because the guidelines at 2k5 are that mechs that go out of control too often are VERY difficult for players playing CoC to deal with. This resulted in Slugfest being more "friendly" if he was treated well or doted upon. Thus, "too cute". Argh. And half the problem, both in terms of Slugfest and Sunder, was people conflating OOC chat joking around with IC behavior, as if OOC chatter/Public, etc chan things were IC RP. I'm not sure if this was due to insanity or stupidity, but whatever. They can't keep OOC and IC from contaminating each other in their minds. If you want ironic hypocrisy, Boomslang would go "d'awww" at Sluggy's antics right up until he found out it was me. :P

  • Creator

    I figured you were at the very least from 2K5 or 2K5-adjecent. I never played it, but a lot of the population from it are in other games that I play.

  • Pitcrew

    @HelloProject Yeah there's a lot of overlap between MCM, M3, SRT, and 2k5 in terms of the people that play on those games. Btw, that reminds me...edit to add M3 character...

  • Pitcrew

    I just want to says thumbs up for playing Sunder, he was my favorite Morlock as a kid.

  • Pitcrew

    @ThatGuyThere haha thanks, he was my favorite Morlock since that episode of the old saban Xmen Cartoon that had him in it.

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