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    Welcome to the Garden of Shadows. We are a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    MUSH that deviates from canon, but still at its core is a MLP:FiM game.

    One hundred years ago, Luna and Celestia had a disagreement about a new colony
    of ponies. The outcome of this disagreement was Luna defying Celestia and
    kidnapping several thousand ponies and transporting them to an alternate
    dimension she found. This Garden of Shadows was already inhabited by several
    races. Wolves, Deer and Shadow Kin being the most prominent. For a hundred
    years Luna kept the Forever Dark at bay with her magic. However, something has
    happened. The shield has fallen and the shadows creep into the Pony lands.

    The Ponies have had 100 years to adjust to the Garden, adjust to the new races.
    Now they must protect their lands from the Forever Dark and the shadows. The
    regal Deer of Winterhorne Mountain and the Wolves of the Pack Lands are the
    borders to the forever dark. And they are losing the battle. THe ponies must
    step up and help defend the garden.

    • We are currently under-construction, but we are taking pre-applications for
      characters to be approved on opening day.
    • We offer several character races to play: Bat Pony, Crystal Pony, Deer,
      Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Wolf and Zebra.
    • Characters /will/ have the chance to become the ascended races for their
      race. Alicorn, Lyubim and Reindeer.
    • Generous Alternate Character Policy.
    • We have currently some Ascended Characters available for application. These
      characters will be the starting Ascended, dealing with Lessons that players
    • We also have several staff positions available for those interested.
    • We offer a dynamic storytelling environment that encourages dramatic
      actions and storytelling. We are a blend of several ideas brought together
      in a single world.
    • Even if you prefer a strictly canon setting, come try us out. You might
      find we will fit your liking. We aren't ignoring canon, we are just apart
      from it on some details.

    Address: PORT: 9750,


    Come on by, talk to Mr. Jupiter or Ms. Earth for more information or details.

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