hedgehog's Playlist

  • Pitcrew

    There's a ton of smaller games in here, the likes of which I don't remember either the exact name of, or of whom I played.

    The Dreaming - Mathew? Maybe Claus? (nocker)

    TwoMoons - Severin, or maybe Sevren (some sort of Sun Villager, I think)

    Night and Fog - Mat (nocker)

    Mountain Cauldron - David (sidhe, with a mistaken identity flaw)

    Darkness Rising - Hedgehog (staff)

    Ashes to Ashes - Pia (sidhe; didn't last long)

    Dreaming 2 - Laila (I think; I might be conflating this with the A2A character)

    Emerald City (or something similar- Dark Emerald?; WoD game) - Pixie (nocker pretending to be a sluagh)

    Due Rewards - Trixie (nocker), Aidan (M+)

    Fallen Leaves - Daniel (I think. M+)

    Darkness Falling - Briefly fae staff. Damned if I can remember my name there, though.

    Shadowed Isles - Stefan (? M+), Corra (staff - fae admin)

    Metro 2.0 - Christian/Stefan (M+), Ariel (staff - fae admin)

    Oathcircle - Balance (M+; didn't last long)

    City of Hope/New Prospect - Balance (M+; current, but need to be more inspired to play)

    People seemed to either really like me or really loathe me. There didn't seem to be much in the middle.